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This enjoy was the history of the, life of Salmon. It showed her life by child bonnet to adult hood and then her death, and also important celebration in her short life that affected her also affected all of us. The play had a very dramatic plot as charlotte salmon had a very dramatic life.


Inside the play all of us saw charlotte forming close relation ships with the personas around her and yet eventually they were all taken from her, firstly her mother: they will used many actors showing they numerous frames of mind the girl was in, 1 calm and playing with her daughter, then frantic applying all the levels and space on the level trying in vein approach her partner and then arriving at the point of killing her self. I do think that this was obviously a fantastic means of showing every aspects of what she was thinking. It was used once again in the enjoy when her grandmother started to be suicidal.

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This piece of theater was very metaphorical, as an example the furniture, at the beginning or the enjoy that each family member had showed them: the father being a attire with shut doors, the grand father clock that had zero numbers kept the grand father as well as the mother and grandmother getting chests of draws getting the same in the beginning and the the two ended up not much different from the way. The window that utilized in the suicides and almost for the committing suicide of charlotte now to me was obviously a type of portal, not to the out aspect world as most windows will be, but to the after life.

The idea of things representing something more important was used during the perform but particularly if charlotte was painting, rather than pictures she drew images that revealed an aspect with the play elizabeth. g. a key meant secrets as the truth of her mothers fatality had been locked in a breasts and the essential hidden, a few these images were employed again in the play such as when charlottes grandmother perished the picture of grief was shown to the group on a very much bigger level.

As the actors chose to use goggles they could not use cosmetic expression to portey feelings, so the actors had boost their maneuver ments, they were doing this very well with palm gestures plus the way and speed of witch the moved, the amount of the stage were also used. They did not only use the level to move in, I think by simply covering this in white colored cloth this showed a brand new and real chapter in charlotte your life, when your woman started to color.

The lamps was used quite effectively inside the play, once there was a melancholy portion of the play e. g. when ever her mother died the lighting was low, then in more content times was bright just like when they were on holiday. On the other hand I do not really thin which the lighting was a large portion of the effects of the play.

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