Revision policy

We are incredibly proud to have developed a tried and tested system in which we will ensure that your product is of the highest possible quality. We do this by offering exceptional academic assistance through the revision of your work. As long as your requests for a revision meets the listed terms below, we are happy to offer you up to three revisions for free in the hope that we provide you with the very best work.

We always ask that your revision instructions do not conflict the instructions you gave us initially as any additional instructions that you did not disclose at the point of order will only be considered at an additional charge. The reason for offering you the chance to provide us with detailed instruction at the off-set is to avoid anything being missed and so your revision requests can reflect only what you requested initially. If it is determined by our Quality Assurance team that your revision requests are not appropriate and do not fully satisfy your initial requests, your revision request will be rejected.

To submit a request for a revision, you can click the ‘send for revision’ button that is available on your personal account page before you approve the text material. Before you make this decision, however, we recommend that you view the document in detail using the preview function to ensure that you have fully understood the written material and can confidently ascertain any required improvements to maximise the usefulness of the work. If you are unable to preview the document, we ask you to contact our 24-hour support team who can assist you with this. If you mistakenly approved the order without requesting revisions, you will have the opportunity to rectify this by contacting the same team, providing them with the revision instructions you require. If this is the case, please ensure you have requested this quickly otherwise we reserve the right to reject the request.

Revision can be requested any time before you approve the order. In the event where your order has been approved, you may request revisions within 7 days. Should the work exceed 20 pages, this time can be extended to up to 14 days. As long as the initial order was delivered to the deadline, the work will always be deemed as arriving on time. Any revisions that exceed this date are at the discretion of the customer.

As long as the revisions that you have requested are deemed reasonable, you can request them on up to three occasions. There is no limit to the length of the instructions you can request but please be aware of any potential time constraints. Should your revision request be denied, we ask you to complete another clear revision request in which you detail your requirements clearly. It should be noted that you must review the revisions with 14 days of them being provided to you, this period begins from the point in which that particular version was made available for your viewing. Anything that exceeds the time given will be automatically approved.

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