Terms and conditions

Please make sure to read these Terms and Conditions and understand them thoroughly before you proceed ahead to use our website. If you choose to use this website, you automatically agree to the terms mentioned in this document. You also affirm that you’re legally authorized to enter into agreements of judicial nature.

Terminology Used Herein

  • Website. This refers to all the web pages including the sub-domains that are part of the company’s portal from where you obtain services.
  • The first person pronouns like “We”, “Us” etc refer to the company offering services.
  • You, User, Client. These and similar terms are used to indicate the person using our services and/or making payments to our website.
  • A “Writer” implies a person hired or employed by us to provide writing services to you in accordance to our terms.
  • Account is your own space on the website that’s accessible only by a particular user. It’s created for the user after registration and verification and is password protected.
  • Order refers to a client’s request for a writing service on payment. It includes the type of writing assignment, scope of the paper, educational level etc. It’s submitted online through our website after the user has completed registration and account verification. In a prepaid service, the order is considered to be confirmed only after successful payment is completed.
  • Product. As the name implies, it’s the final paper delivered to the user as per his/her order. It’s guaranteed to be unique in all respect.
  • Customer’s Information. This is the data submitted by you to our website during registration process. The order instructions that you upload at the time of order placement also form part of this.


You’ll be required to provide some basic information about yourself including a valid email ID, so that we can contact you when needed. Filling in incorrect data is not only detrimental towards timely and successful completion of your order, but it also amounts to violation of our Terms and Conditions.

  • Ordering Content. After you’ve registered on our website, you can place your orders. We don’t charge any fees from you on order placement, the charges are based on the bids received from writers.
  • Writer Appointment. Once you’ve provided your order requirements, a writer specializing in the field of your requested paper is assigned. The writer then contacts you through our online chatting platform. He/she will seek further details about the order and then offers a bid. If you accept the writer’s offer, you’ll have to deposit the amount with us.
  • Communication System. Our in-house messaging platform allows us to communicate with you in a completely secure manner. The messaging service can be accessed through your account’s profile page on the website. It’s your responsibility to regularly keep checking the message inbox and reply to us. Remember that our website doesn’t allow you to share your personal contact information or ask the writers about theirs. You can interact with the writer only through our website.
  • Status Tracking. Once you’ve confirmed your order, the job is created and it’s status can be easily monitored by you as well as your writer using our tracking system, which also gives the status in percentage completed. The various measures of status used are :-
  • Bidding. This means that the job is created by you and writers’ bods are awaited for assignment of writer.
  • In Progress. This status could imply any of the following levels :-
  • The bid of a particular writer has been accepted by you. Writer has commenced working on the order. First draft has been delivered to you by the writer. You’ve requested for a revision of the draft submitted.
  • Finished. This means that you’ve approved the paper and released the money to the writer.
  • Cancelled by Client. The order was cancelled by you before it was finished. There’ll be no financial implications on you.
  • Cancelled by Writer. This is self explanatory and in this case, you can choose to go back to bidding stage or cancel the order. There are no financial penalties on you.
  • Cancelled by System. This occurs when either payment is not made in time, deadline gets expired or there’s a violation of the Terms given herein. This doesn’t entail any financial implications on you.


There are no charges for placing a request for a job on our website. However, you’ll have to make the payment to the website after you’ve accepted a writer’s bid. This payment is only kept as a guarantee for your job and will be released to the writer only after you’re satisfied with the final product delivered to you. Some important points regarding the order payment are given as below :-

Please keep in mind that once you’ve approved the paper and released 100% payment to the writer, we’ll not be able to entertain any revision requests from you.

To protect the writers’ interests, there’s a provision of releasing money to them automatically. After two weeks from deadline, a part of the payment is released to the writer. The percentage payment released is commensurate to the stage at which the auto-payment gets initiated. If this happens before the order reached its final stage, the order will get cancelled after the release of payment automatically.

If you choose to cancel the order after you’ve paid the website, but before the order was finished, your funds will be reverted back to your account within 4-6 working days after we receive your cancellation request.

Our fees don’t include any taxes or levies, which may be applicable on your use of our services. You’re supposed to pay these at your end.

Your usage of our services implies that you agree to comply by the provisions of tax and duties as per your State or country’s jurisdiction.

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