McCurry et al. (2006) estimates, ‘By applying nursing types and ideas congruent with this philosophical perspectives, nursing knowledge is advanced and training nurses turn into empowered through their capability to use expertise to transform viewpoints, organize essential thinking and articulate rationales for making decisions, actions and goals. ‘ (p.

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50) Nursing can take beliefs and the knowledge gained through clinical experience and boost our capabilities as rns. It permits us to develop better theories and increase the end results for each of our patients. McCurry (2006) declares, “Science hypotheses do not standalone, but rather, validated theories, together with their philosophical bases and disciplinary desired goals, are the guiding framework pertaining to practice. ” (p. 43) Theories and philosophy bases form structured ideas for nursing practice. Essential philosophy is a form of important thinking that helps you to expose complications.

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According to Kim (1999), “From the critical viewpoint perspective, medical practice is viewed as a form of interpersonal life by which different forms of domination, distortions and misconceptions are feasible. ” (p. 1207) Nursing jobs theories need the critical thinking in the form of important philosophy to aid determine what in nursing practice may need to end up being changed to generate better results. Kalofissudis (2007) covers that science is bonded with idea due to generally and generally accepted facts which results in the organization of medical science. Medical is a willpower which is gained through experiences and education.

Many nursing jobs theorist have referenced the effort of philosophers such as Aristotle. “According to Aristotle, man inquiry and behavior had been considered to be well guided by the end or goal, which is a particular great. (McCurry, 06\, p. 44). The goal in nursing is creating the best effect for each of our patients. This is certainly increased by the use of philosophy in nursing education. Grace (2013) speaks of how philosophical inquiry is a three step process that helps breastfeeding knowledge expand. She says you must first work with “critical consciousness” (p.

64) which is a self reflection method to determine the integrity behind every actions. The 2nd step mentioned is analyzing all activities or complications. The third stage applying new knowledge obtained from these steps.

In this case the philosophy will help nurses to assess themselves plus the actions used and apply the new understanding in future medical situations. In Kim’s daily news similar methods are mentioned for a solution to improve nursing practice and knowledge. “This suggests that what nurses do in practice will not be as good as what the nurses believe they are doing. ” (1999, p. 1206) The method that Kim covers uses descriptive phase where the nurse looks at actions, feelings and thoughts. The second phase is a reflective period where the nurse analyzes the intentions and actions. The final step is if the nurse evaluations what happened and changes the method for future nursing practice.

Philosophy assists nursing to question and critique current nursing practice to create the very best results possible for patients.

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