We were assigned to watch a stage play titled Joe, a Filipino Rockssical last Come july 1st 22, 2012 at St Scholastica’s College, Manila.

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Actually, I have no interest in seeing stage performs but after witnessing the presentation, my point of view improved. The play was about our national leading man, Dr . Jose Rizal, yet who is Rizal? For me, Rizal in this modern period is usually an instrument for all of us to appreciate our nation more regardless of the dilemmas or challenges experiencing because of it.

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Even the country acquired some imperfections or defects, even the views and philosophy of others to our country were unlovely, we need to still be happy and guard it just like what Rizal who’s fearless as a lion did. Having been also a great inspiration to all youths because of his distinct attributes great perseverance in terms of studies. The stage enjoy, Joe, a Filipino Rockssical is a kind of business presentation wherein it was accompanied by songs and dances which is for me personally, an effective approach because it can avoid boredom among the audiences.

It has three chapters and used Philippine language for people to understand the play. Additionally, it used a little English and Español. This play has not been a crisis at all, it absolutely was also merged with humor that can fracture someone up and will choose a jaws fall season from laughter. But the most important thing is that it has a ethical lesson the fact that viewers is going to realize following watching. The stage enjoy was began through a exciting song and dance.

6 students of Rizal Integrated College were assigned to research and perform a level play about our countrywide hero, Doctor Jose Rizal, for the celebration in the 50th Base Day in the school. Joecas that is a symbol of a man who have values his craft much more than anyone or anything else, is the writer and director, Joanne that represents the character of having a basic principle and always together with the truth, may be the researcher, Seeker that is a symbol of a character of experiencing a rule and belief but can sacrifice that for the love of his life, is definitely the composer of music, Floozy that represents a character that is certainly persistent and diligent in reaching his dreams, is the choreographer, Ambo that is a symbol of the character that is certainly gleeful regardless of his challenges especially when considering love, is a set custom made, and Julia that is a symbol of a character which includes determination in reaching her dreams, is definitely the fashion designer.

They finished the play effectively although they include a little background or idea about the national leading man. Ten years after, Joecas started to be a dominant writer. He was commissioned by government for making and immediate a level play about the life of Rizal being presented as being a tribute to get his 150th Anniversary of being a hero. Joecas along with his wife Joanne searched for his friends back in high school to aid him in the making of your stage perform entitled Paul, the term that Josephine used to contact Jose Rizal.

Joanne became a successful specialist, Hunter started to be a rebel who climbed up in the forest of Banawe, Bimbo became a DISC JOCKEY, Julia became a famous fashion designer, and Ambo possessed a shop. They have chosen to stay in the condo of Joecas when finishing the play. Throughout the researching and writing with the play, they will learned lots of things about Rizal’s life.

Each of the significant areas of the history about his live were presented. Some of these had been about his love your life including Josephine Bracken and Leonora, the writing in the novels that woke the consciousness from the Filipinos, the studying of Rizal abroad and here in Philippines, the exile of Rizal to Dapitan, the retraction of his ideologies to adopt again the Catholicism and to marry Josephine, and the taking pictures of him at Bagumbayan. The six main characters in the enjoy also encountered the different problems in their lives which are identical and in comparison to the life of Rizal.

These consisted of the love of Joecas for Joanne and not sacrificing his like for skill which is his true love, his passion of Seeker for Joanne and the sacrifice of his ideologies, facing the true sexual preference of Ambo, awareness of Bimbo about the problems of contemporary society, and Julia’s will of studying again. The issue which is regarding the retraction was ended through a music and party wherein the viewers received the chance to make a decision whether Rizal signed the retraction or not. Simultaneously, they presented that despite the fact that Rizal authorized it or not, what is important is that he had a stand regarding the ideologies and principles he’s preventing for and he started the container for the nation.

After all so what happened, years handed, Joecas was given an honor and reverance for the stage enjoy entitled Paul and he met his friends again during the function. The stage play was ended through a beautiful and magnificent music. From this play, various social health issues are described and displayed and some of those are still occurring nowadays. In the dialogue stated by Ambo, “Palibhasa kabit ang naranjas mo! “, is one of the sociable illnesses.

It symbolizes a character of being a gossiper or perhaps spreading a speculation of a certain thing or person. It could cause a dispute or quarrel between the involved people. This may also cause disharmony or disunity. “I’m therefore fed up with the so called pros, sobra bist du nga maningil wala pang work integrity. At social fear sobrang dami ng raket, hindi marunong magcommit…” This is said by Joecas. It really is one of the sociable illneses nowadays.

Many people have too much self-confidence or belief in all of them, the belief that they can be superb with regards to doing their work. Not just that, they are also requesting too much payment that is not appropriate, that’s why Philippines is definitely not moving on. “Isipin em ang mabuting ina ay iba social fear inang linalang ng prayle. Dapat palakihin ang putra na malapit baga social fear larawan ng tunay em Diyos. Diyos na pada nasusuhulan, Diyos na di masakim social fear salapi, Diyos na nodriza ng lahat, na walang kinikilingan, Diyos na hindi tumataba social fear dugo ng mahihirap, bist du hindi nagsasaya sa daing ng naruruhagi at nangbubulag ng matalinong isip. ” These are what mentioned on the back or the windows of property while Seeker and Joanne were preventing.

The characteristics of God pointed out was contradictory to our govt wherein it is usually defined as an additional social condition. The picture where Ambo said that, “Hindi naman nasusukat sa sexual preference ang pagkatao at karakter. What is important may be the heart and soul. ” Judging you happen to be also among the social illnesses acted inside the play. The main reason most of the people tend not to believe in all their talent is because they were set up by their nervousness or cowardliness, timidity, fearfulness, apprehension.

The ability of any person is usually not scored by either physical appearance or perhaps sexual preference. In the scene where George Tauffer raped Josephine Bracken can be included as one of the cultural illnesses nowadays. Rape and also other crimes are very rampant during these days. Sometimes, even their own fathers or stepfathers were the methods involved in this type of situation.

There are numerous barbarians within our country today due to the lack of education or else because of medicine addiction. The social health issues like growing information which is not proven or perhaps seen is incredibly widespread at present. One example with this is occurring in the wonderful world of showbiz or show business. Many rumors are dispersing in this market that’s how come it’s challenging. Those pros that were taking too much costs or charges are also uncontrolled nowadays that’s why the rich turns into richer and the poor becomes poorer.

A lot like our govt officials who have live high on the hog, they were corrupting the income taxes and other cash received by citizens for his or her personal make use of instead of creating back in the kind of basic companies like education, health loves you, and others. Bad guys were also extremely rampant from time to time but since police regulators like the friars before agree to bribes, individuals culprits weren’t afraid to do crimes. They are some interpersonal illnesses stated in the perform and at the same time We witnessed while watching.

This stage play can be not shown just to captivate but also to educate the audience. For me, possessing a stand in almost everything we carry out and declare is the ethical lesson which i have realized after watching. Whenever we said and did some thing, continue this until the end as long as we can say that we’re quietly of fact, although it may hurt those people that we cherished the most. An additional lesson created from this perform is the true love for the.

If our heroes may defend our country from opportunists and at the same time proud of it, we, the citizens in the Philippines, that have the capability to alter the undesirable system of our government, can also do the actual have done. Is it doesn’t time for all of us to move and act particularly the young technology that relating to Dr . Jose Rizal is the hope of the nation.

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