How it works

Our company offers a quick, easy ordering system that will take you from start to finish in only a couple minutes! There are only four steps that you need to take before receiving your completed assignment after ordering. We are so excited to provide our customers with a brand new, flexible method of open, direct communication between customers and writer. This greatly increases our service’s quality, plus it helps foster mutually helpful relationships between both parties! Here are the four steps you’ll need to do to place an order with us:

  1. Fill the Ordering Form Out: this has got to be the most crucial step. Our form asks you to give the assignment deadline, choose a level of complexity, and provide as many other assignment details as you can. Please make sure that the descriptions you give are accurate. In the event that you ask for a refund or revisions to be done on the paper, or you have some additional feedback, both the original writer and a representative from our Customer Service department will revisit the initial details and descriptions to determine if the product given is in alignment with them.
  2. Submit Payment: To properly secure a writer, our company requires customers to submit a payment before the final paper is delivered to them. This requirement ensures that all customers have real intentions and do want to purchase the rights to a final assignment. We do offer guarantee of either a partial or full refund if the finished work does not fulfill your expectations. Curious about our refunds? Our Refund Policy is available for customers to read.
  3. Meet Your Personal Writer: When your payment is processed, one of our Customer Service members will then assign your job a writer. This process typically takes between 24 to 72 hours, as we match your writing job with the best writer for your specifications. If we cannot match a writer that can complete your assignment, we do guarantee you a full refund.
  4. Last Revisions: Our company prides itself on meticulously editing written works. Members of our Quality Assurance team do proofreading, editing, and plagiarism scanning on all jobs before our customers receive them. This is to guarantee the best results possible, allowing us to feel certain that we have done everything in our power to give you the best assignment.

All written assignments are delivered via email to our customers. You are also able to locate all the materials connected with your job in your dashboard on your account.

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