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Fresh computer structured information program will be taking into consideration for improving procurement efficiency, but simply after process improvement provides achieved towards the desired level. But there are several competitive advantages that Blozis has produce the necessary changes to improve their operations generally speaking: 1) Blozis’ sales happen to be 16 mil mainly of units made to customer specs. 2) The organization produces its products to be sold off-the-shelf. Part 6: Alternatives

An alternative to the Company should be to hire a consulting company in order to make a diagnosis of the Supply Chain as a whole with the purpose of reorganizing the provision chain activities as well as the recruiting that it seems is completely uncontrollable.

If this kind of study is usually conducted will be eliminating a number of the practices including the president loves to operate “informally which is seen as an normal practice to the employees. Also, selected suppliers issue products to Blozis with out a receipt of any PO.

This business practice is a result of “good faith but results in mismanagement of item creating loses to the organization and poor customer service.

Part several: Recommendations To be able to set up the right procedures in the Supply Chain, Blozis will likely need to take the very first step on investing in an ERP/EDI and encourage its suppliers to do a similar in order to correct the crash when putting and receiving requests. The main purpose is to improve the whole Source Chain procedures as well as Recruiting and Account Payable.

Fresh computer system ” System struggling to support new changes, in that case try to improve the original design. 3. Unable to implement new procedures ” continue the talks with key department teams and management clubs in order to reach new agreements. 4. Struggling to test the machine ” continue working with the various areas to be able to gather all the info and resources necessary. Portion 10: Conclusion and Administration Plan To summarize, Blozis is facing a tough situation as a result of lack of methods leading to a whole disorganization amongst departments.

The problem is not different from additional organizations yet others have already been able to find the solution by creating clear techniques and buying new solutions. Blozis makes $16 mil on sales, amount large enough to develop a 5-Yr intend to incorporate new software to its systems. The benefits should be a better Supply Cycle that it will permit the Company to achieve its focuses on, improve internal and external customer service, and generate personal savings throughout the organization.

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