1 ) The belief that a person’s fate can be closely attributed to their own initiatives is KNOWN AS ________ AND IS CRITICAL TO THE AMERICAN DREAM. a. populism m. equality c. individualism d. republicanism e. fatalism Class: 1 End user Responses: c. individualism Feedback: 2 . Which of the subsequent attributes can be associated with capitalism, the marketplace in America? a. Government should be involved in protecting the health of the financial sector over individual citizens’ rights. b. Government should permit the market economy to be free of charge and unhindered. c. Federal government should not block individuals’ initiatives to obtain home. d. Authorities should enhance equality simply to those who had been born in the area. e. The national federal government should become more involved in point out politics. Class: 1 End user Responses: c. Government probably should not obstruct individuals’ efforts to get property.

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Reviews: 3. ________ often foresee the degree and type of political participation, which usually shapes personal culture. a. Political values b. Demographic factors c. Community-oriented economics d. Person incentives at the. Group characteristics Grade: 0 User Reactions: a. Political values Responses: 4. Belief in which with the following beliefs is portion of the core of yankee political tradition? a. Devotion to parent homeland m. Strength in diversity c. Caste program d. Overseas diplomacy elizabeth. Government intervention Take the Part 02 Examination Section: Guide to US Government N 2014 flanery, daniel Posted: 9/3/2014 you: 38: 33 AM Gradebook Grade: — Questions Tried: 25/25 Submission No: 1/1 2 Quality: 0 User Responses: c. Caste program Feedback: your five.

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Which in the following is usually advocated by simply socialism, which will emphasizes planned economies above free industry economies? a. Government control of essential industries m. Private careers over community programs c. Higher taxation for the poorest people d. Economical rewards pertaining to productivity at the. Government expenditure in large corporations Quality: 1 Consumer Responses: a. Government possession of essential industries Reviews: 6. Every single individual’s political beliefs are rooted in ________ and ________. a. beliefs; values m. core beliefs; experiential learning c. primary beliefs; politics attitudes g. partisan bias; values elizabeth. values; religion Grade: 0 User Replies: b. core beliefs; experiential learning Responses: 7. Which of the subsequent constitutes some the United States’ countrywide political TRADITION? a. Idea that individuality hampers the general strength of the country. w. The resident class a male or a female belongs to c. The notion that government is definitely the basis for decisions that could affect most American citizens deb.

The idea that liberty is for those who earn it e. The rights and liberties residents have Grade: 0 Customer Responses: a. Belief that individualism hampers the overall strength of the nation Feedback: Take those Chapter 02 Exam Section: Intro to US Authorities F 2014 flanery, daniel Submitted: 9/3/2014 1: 37: 33 WAS Gradebook Class: — Queries Attempted: 25/25 Submission Not any: 1/1 three or more 8. Communitarianism refers to a collection of beliefs with a long history of impacting political tradition in the United States. Communitarianism emphasizes the importance of ______ __. a. economic classes and communism b. provincial practices c. limited govt d. requires of the community over requirements of the individual elizabeth. voting and democracy Level: 0 Consumer Responses: a. economic classes and communism Feedback: 9. In which way do Americans best express the substance of the American Dream? a. Their dedication to welfare programs n. Their universal support of limited federal government c. Their very own enthusiasm pertaining to capitalism d. By mailing humanitarian aid overseas elizabeth.

By regularly voting in elections Grade: 0 User Responses: g. By sending humanitarian aid overseas Responses: 10. The word that refers to widely distributed ideas regarding who will need to govern, toward what ends, and by what means is definitely ________. a. subculture b. fundamentalism c. ideology m. political tradition e. demography Grade: 1 User Replies: d. politics culture Reviews: 11.

Precisely what is the organic outcome of the United States’ history of migrants? a. A decline in diversity due to the migration rate n. Substantial ethnicity and cultural diversity in the American human population c. The foreign-born form the majority of the U. S i9000. population g. Domination by simply foreign countries e. Considerable racism and anti-immigrant thoughts in the most the American population Take those Chapter 02 Exam Section: Intro to US Federal government F 2014 flanery, daniel Submitted: 9/3/2014 1: 38: 33 ARE Gradebook Quality: — Inquiries Attempted: 25/25 Submission Simply no: 1/1 4 Grade: you User Responses: b. Significant racial and ethnic variety in the American population Reviews: 12. A belief in free markets, limited government, and self-sufficiency in economic affairs, coupled with a idea in custom, law, and morality in social affairs are values upheld by ________. a. socialists m. the modern His party Party c. the His party party historically d. modern libertarianism at the. the Communist Party traditionally Grade: zero User Answers: d. contemporary libertarianism Reviews: 13.

A belief that individuals can provide stronger chances to get economic and private betterment for their children, if not for themselves, is section of the ________. a. American Dream b. Communist Manifesto c. American exceptionalism d. objectives of society e. American socialization Class: 1 Customer Responses: a. American Wish Feedback: 16. Which with the following generally ensures that govt follows the need of the persons in a democratic system? a. Lobbying m. Elections c. Interest teams d. Initiatives e. Thoughts and opinions polls Grade: 1 Consumer Responses: n. Elections Feedback: Take the Section 02 Exam Section: Introduction to US Government F 2014 flanery, daniel Published: 9/3/2014 one particular: 38: 33 AM Gradebook Grade: — Questions Attempted: 25/25 Submission No: 1/1 5 12-15.

One aspect that has helped reduce political conflict more than economic inequality in the United States is a strong idea in ________. a. equality of personal prospect and individualism b. destiny c. the promise of worldwide competition for creating economic equality d. a powerful work ethic creating equal advantages e. strong government involvement. Grade: 1 User Reactions: a. equality of personal opportunity and individualism Feedback: sixteen.

Most Us citizens would recognize that those with greater solutions and contacts to federal government officials may ________. a. participate in governmental policies and be showed in authorities b. engage in a revolution c. become distrustful of the federal government d. always be white-collar personnel e. provide fewer opportunities to their kids than they had Grade: 1 Customer Responses: a. participate in governmental policies and be showed in govt Feedback: 18. While no single religion symbolizes all Americans’ belief program, most of the STARTING POPULATION OF THE UNITED STATES WAS________, WHICH INCLUDES HAD LASTING EFFECTS WITHIN THE LAWS AND POLITICAL LIFESTYLE IN AMERICA. a. Jewish b. Muslim c. Catholic g. Protestant e. Pentecostal Grade: 0 User Responses: c. Catholic Opinions: 18.

The fastest developing ethnic group in the United States can be ________. a. Pacific Islanders b. Oriental Americans c. African Americans d. Caucasians e. Hispanics Take the Chapter 02 Test Section: Guide to US Government N 2014 flanery, daniel Submitted: 9/3/2014 one particular: 38: thirty-three AM Gradebook Grade: — Questions Tried: 25/25 Submitter No: 1/1 6 Grade: 0 End user Responses: b. Asian People in the usa Feedback: nineteen. Income ________ between the classes in the United States offers risen gradually since the twenties. a. body system b. acquisition c. inflation deb. inequality electronic. disbursement Quality: 1 Customer Responses: g. inequality Responses: 20.

Voters sharing virtually any particular politics belief have greatest possibility of shaping policy when they are ________. a. encouraged b. registered c. canvassing d. spread e. targeted Grade: zero User Replies: b. authorized Feedback: 21. Culture identifies ________. a. a series of objectives of a politics system w. basic values about engaged in a world c. a predisposition about participation within a group or possibly a political program d. just one way of thinking or possibly a mode of behavior popular among a group at the. beliefs with regards to a political system Grade: zero User Replies: e. values about a personal system Reviews: Take the Phase 02 Examination Section: Intro to US Government Farrenheit 2014 flanery, daniel Published: 9/3/2014 1: 38: thirty-three AM Gradebook Grade: — Questions Tried: 25/25 Distribution No: 1/1 7 twenty two.

The right to very own private house is ________. a. more attainable to get middle-income residents in The european countries b. not very important to the majority of Americans c. guaranteed by the Constitution deb. one of the financial incentives that motivates Us citizens to adopt capitalism at the. only for individuals with wealth Quality: 0 Customer Responses: c. guaranteed by Constitution Opinions: 23. Issues about the extent of_______ and its impact on local politics and social combination from the twenties to the 1950s resulted in a large number of restrictions of ________ to the United States. a. immigration; entry b. education; immigration c. trade; economic growth deb. terrorism; travel around e. well being regulations; entrance Grade: 1 User Replies: a. migration; entry Responses: 24.

A person who opposes government regulation of organization is likely to be a ________. a. liberal w. communist c. socialist d. Green Party member electronic. conservative Level: 1 User Responses: e. conservative Feedback: 25. The effectiveness of the economy is directly linked with the monetary value of all goods and services produced in a nation annually, which is called the ________. a. mass creation factor m. gross domestic product c. poverty range d. typical household income e. Gini coefficients intended for the economy Take the Chapter 02 Exam Section: Intro to US Government F 2014 flanery, daniel Submitted: 9/3/2014 1: 38: 33 I AM Gradebook Quality: — Inquiries Attempted: 25/25 Submission No: 1/1.

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