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New media plays a transformative role in the expansion and communication of ideas. Just as school children learn to reverance the social and political significance from the Gutenberg producing press, educators must also figure out how to respect the cultural, politics, and sociable dimensions of the Internet and other popular traditions media. The web is the Gutenberg press with the post-modern period. With new media, information is democratized and disseminated without relation to location or time. Multiple varieties of media express cultural memes. The Internet lets the expression of diverse ideas, wrapped up in a multifaceted assortment of creative varieties. No longer restricted to the crafted word, superb thinkers can avail themselves of appear, video, and still images. The Internet can engender and promote intellectual expansion in ways concealing behind classic modes of literature are unable to. Traditional ways of information spread are broadly and socially biased: there is an focus on male viewpoints as well as Western ones. The tendency towards academic elitism that underwrites a preference for Tolstoy over John Stewart is undesirable, and only acts to worsen divisions based upon class and ethnicity. Educators must see the pedagogical power of new media and popular culture in exciting intellectual expansion.

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The problem is that educators will be teaching by rote and according to pre-established habits and not attaching with college students. Educators are brainwashed in to believing that it is still acceptable to memory European high culture over the throats of students. Current curricula and pedagogical devices ignore the changing demographics of the student body as well as the changes in social best practice rules, economic facts, and politics implications of globalization. Meeks does not even focus on the web and finds merit in traditional television as a means of stimulating essential thought and cognitive advancement; the author picks up a “notable change in form” in tv set plot set ups and development (1).

The solution is to reconnect with college students by incorporating fresh media and alternative kinds of expression in the classroom. Traditional forms of press including tv set are not outmoded entirely, but still do have value. Nevertheless , that value is limited inside the general scope of what genuine mental development means. Although trainers are combining more multiculturalism into discussions of “high culture, ” the emphasis remains on Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Hemingway. Teaching Shakespeare and other Euro literary greats to high school kids is like giving a bottle of wine of Rothschild to a guy who refreshments Colt forty five. High school kids cannot relate with Shakespeare for a lot of reasons, not really least that that they tend not to yet have the life experiences with which to understand the universal themes inserted in the plays’ plots. Goldwasser points out the inherent worth of new press in encouraging students to write down, communicate, and think about the global issues impacting their lives. “Teenagers today read and write just for fun; it’s component to their sociable lives. We have to start honoring this unparalleled surge, incorporating it as an educational tool instead of meeting this with punishing pop quizzes and mistrust, ” (Goldwasser). Even tv set has a potential, if limited, role in education. Pertaining to Stevens, “the medium appears neither such as a brain-liquefying

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