use of plastic bottles to provide all natural


India, Summer

Summer season had under no circumstances been easy going in claims such as Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and also other western claims. This season is usually considered to be the most popular time in the nation. In this sizzling and dry out summer there is a progressive increase in the temperature amounts due to the intense heat surf which overtook many elements of the India. People of weaker section living in dried out and drought affected areas are conceived to be the worst-hit. The use of plastic bottles to reduce air temperature and also to reduce waste generated by leftover plastic material seems like a proper solution. Functions on the basic principle of compressing air wherever hot air gets converted to ideally cool air. Therefore, this people budget-friendly ventilation proves as the best obtainable method to always be adopted by people of economical weakened sections and lower income group, to bring some relief come early july to the homes located in popular and dry out regions of India.

Air flow is the means of changing air flow in an encased space. A proportion of air inside the space must be continuously withdrawn and substituted by clean air drawn from exterior to maintain the mandatory level of air purity. To stop undue piling up of carbon-di-oxide, moisture, impurities, and bacterias and to take out body heat and heat licentious by electrical/ mechanical products, ventilation is important.

The plastic bottles applied will reduce waste era due to plastic-type material, by providing these types of bottles in regular spacing and thus generating a plate of appropriate sizes to be fitted in the fresh air opening of house.

Due to quick increase in industrialization as well as population, there has been rise in hazardous pollutants indoor and outdoor. To overcome this kind of, there is a great urgent need to take some procedures which may aid in decreasing the source of pollution. One of those strategies can be used is our cooling platter, which may end up being an alternative method of providing safe ventilation intended for indoor air flow. Rising standards of properties and modifications of houses will be now-a-days neglecting the fresh air space for a few fancy uses. But if these types of ventilation spots can be modified it may help in lowering the temperature inside, provide right air circulation and in addition allow component to sunlight obtainable which is essential to abate the microbial expansion.

In places loves Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur, Ranchi, Jaipur, and so forth due to intensive air pollution there may be an increase in fill of dust particles, harmful fumes, odors, individuals are forced to close their windows to prevent the intrusion of such debris and gas, and in these kinds of circumstances the circulation of indoor air flow stops. In this condition each of our ventilation system is very essential.

Our concept is obtained from early age architecture, in areas like, Fateh-pur sikri fort, Boondi fortification, Kota Mahal, Amer (Amber) Fort, exactly where excellent ventilation techniques had been provided to cool the lining environment. In Fateh-pur Sikri Fort they have used Chattar (Chatri) positioned on top of roof through which air makes its way into the building room n a culvert like structure which moves on decreasing in proportions as it actually reaches the room. Here, air was compressed inside the duct and passed through surrounding heavy rocks such as Rhyolite which eventually cooled the air. This encircling medium is beneficial to amazing the air because the molecules travel through the duct into the room.

In this project we have tried to use this old technique in modern architecture and provide a relief to some extent to the culture.

Different laws of thermodynamics have already been applied in this article as the working principle. The variation of gas (air) temp with respect to pressure the change in temperature of gases because of sudden shrinkage are great ideas to validate this concept.

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