Teenage motherhood and the challenges of teenager

Teenage Motherhood

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In 2013, Venka Child aged of sixteen from Bristol worked with Fixers to create a short video about challenges young mothers proceed through. In some portion of the video, a teenager mother is shown opening a refrigerator which is almost empty. The teenager takes the container to pilfer what may be remaining to give her child yet notices the drink has already gone negative. Then words are shown saying that “children born to teenage mothers have a greater chance of living in poverty. ” Since most of the teenage parents live below the poverty level, often that they depend on community assistance. Within a 2004 Census Bureau research, findings mentioned that 63% of young mothers around the world received community benefits in the first three years of their child’s life (Holgate, Evans and Yuen). In addition , about 90% of young mothers happen to be single, and later 25% acquire any support from the children’s father (Holgate, Evans and Yuen). As a result, there is a fiscal effect of being a mother on young adults.

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Publisher Hanna mentions that aside from other issues, teenage moms are deprived financially in both brief and long term. Hanna says that many young adult mothers discover strength and fulfillment in their motherhood function but that is not come with no cost to themselves or their children” (Hanna). Mcdougal explains that many teenage mothers are faulty to be father and mother and shortage adequate support including fund (Hanna). Your woman concludes that teen moms are youthful, not ready for motherhood and greatly rely on wellbeing supports (Hanna).

The economic effects of motherhood on young adults is also echoed in other options. In the origin Teen Moms and Their Financial Problems, Ogunjimi explains the financial problems teen moms experience. For example, teen moms are unable to pay the daily expenditures of having children (Ogunjimi). Most of the teenage mothers are not able to complete their research, and this restrictions their life time earnings potential (Ogunjimi). Additionally , because of numerous factors, kids of teenager mothers in many instances perform poor in teachers and may develop up enduring financially (Ogunjimi). Other than main troubles, young mothers don’t have jobs making it difficult to get necessities needed to care for their particular infants and young children (Ogunjimi).

Nevertheless , being a adolescent mother is not the finish of lifestyle, and they may be helped to overcome their financial difficulties. A 2013 report by the Public Suggest indicated that pregnant teens or teenage parents dont have enough funds to pay for all their babies demands or medical care although they may apply for assistance (Public Counsel). The Public Advice mentions that pregnant young adults of parents may be assisted to fund housing and living specifications by applying to CalFresh (Public Counsel). With CalFresh, parent or guardian teens may be assisted in order to complete school, obtain health care on their own and their babies and other economical support (Public Counsel). Therefore , due to their economic instability, pregnant teens or parents may end up living poor except if they are helped.

Adolescent pregnancy and parenthood are becoming high in the U. S and UK, in addition to various problems revolving about teenage parents and interpersonal policy inside the two countries. Often , a teenager mother can be left exclusively and does not get financial the help of the kid’s father (Holgate, Evans and Yuen). Welfare reforms should be done in the UK and U. S to assist the teen mothers raise their children.

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