The story is generally depicting the theme which is said to be modern quality versus old. The old is definitely characterized by the villagers which still goes on doing their rituals and also it is seen as a the path (Nerdicity).

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The new or perhaps modernity is definitely characterized and depicted by institution as well as the new headmasters who targeted for renewing almost all of the aged staffs in the school (Nerdicity).

The institution, while depicted inside the story while the explanation for the theme, is likely the humanity of that generation to be separated with regard to more recent and or modern things (Nerdicity).

They are also trying to free the villagers that the villager’s old morals and methods are wrong which includes the practice with their belief about the path (Nerdicity).

Theme reason

The theme inside the story is about Modern versus Old.It is said that Chinua Achebe came approximately this topic based on how the modern Nigerian considers. The new Nigerian’s way of thinking clarifies their ideologies on beautifying gardens (Nerdicity).

With this theme because explained inside the story, Michael Oli wanted a creation at the institution abut 60; the villagers are a source of barrier to his development arrange for the school.

The motif is describing how specific people wished a more liberated and modernized society for a better living but still there are some who does not want to go with this kind of modernization concern. They are satisfied following their particular old methods.

The topic also points out how annihilation of old practices which include tradition and cultures as a result of rapid advancement and its being imposed to folks.

/strong>The theme also explained that imposing new tips to people who feels and appreciates old techniques is a hard thing to do that will need the patience and understanding.

Imposing new is better because of it will advantage a lot of aspects is obviously but it will probably be better in the event that instead of making all things fresh, people can easily combine fresh and aged instead that is to be more effective for everybody as it defintely won’t be a source for any turmoil.

Sort of new versus old is the modernity vs . traditional.

It delivers the lessons which claims that practices should not be turned into new types and it should also be not ignored.

The motif is said to be effective for people to appreciate that old values are said to be influential and important so it should not be ignored. Traditions will be somehow an alternatives in teaching morals, it is said to get much more important because there are lessons that people can easily learn through this (Cindy).

About the theme

The author came up with the theme as they wanted visitors to be informed and to realize that promoting such modernity over classic matter within a bad procedure will create a bad consequence (LLC).

Chinua Achebe wished to impose that when a certain person intends and tries to prevent a certain important aspect of that individual’s existence, the act could create or business lead into a adverse reaction and consequences (LLC).

This is certainly depicted when Michael Obi blocked the road where it really is part of the villager’s important ritual in respect for their ancestors anytime someone drops dead.

The theme was generally generated for people to view the negative effects of modern quality to classic activities.

The effect in the account depicted throughout the theme is definitely explaining that in order to persuade people to agree to certain ideologies, the one who imposes also needs to possess the attributes that others would value (LLC).

This kind of characteristic is very important in order for additional existence to accept the ideologies that a certain person imposes (LLC).

Universal real truth

/strong>Certainly, the story communicates universal fact because people cannot deny the very fact that there are seriously some people any kind of time part of the community that promotes betterment in a few people but does it within a negative way.

People can be insulted through this kind of strategy that brings about them to start up a misunderstanding and conflict to one another.

Among the this is when a specific person preaches something according to his views and beliefs.

If the certain person imposed his ideologies and forced people to believe by threatening their lives or their own beliefs, the act will cause into major conflicts.

This assertion is an example situation depending on the concept of the the story by simply Chinua Achebe./strong>

Symbols used in the story

/strong>In the story, there are a lot of circumstances that represents the provided theme.

Certainly one of this is when Eileen imposed the modernity by simply renewing the majority of the old instructors in the institution and changing them in to new and younger types(Classroom).

Michael jordan could have enforced his purpose of modernity through adding fresh teachers hence still allowing the old types to perform their very own teaching inside the school nevertheless he performed the other way.

Michael aimed to remove the villager’s right to practice all their important traditions instead of respecting it(Classroom).

Michel did not respect the rituals and beliefs with the villagers hence he likewise disregarded the particular priest advised him.

Eileen blocked the pathway to avoid the villagers from going for walks though it and he did it in order to avoid them from ruining the property(Classroom).

Getting into the particular act, Michael jordan is said to acquire insulted the villager’s values and habit practice. This individual could have just let the villagers take that particular part and took an additional part to complete his job due to decorating the school.

Finally is when Michael overlooked what the villagers asked of him in order to resolve the arising conflict. The villagers asked him to do a weighty sacrifice in order to conciliate his fault from your villager’s ancestors(Classroom).

This really is implying the disrespect to someone’s philosophy. Instead of following what they asked of him, he disregarded the idea and continued on awe-inspiring what he wanted.


/strong>The school surface as the pathway, this symbolizes the tradition and beliefs in the villagers. It can be explained in the story that it is a part of the villager’s ritual to adopt that certain route whenever somebody dies.

The stopping of the pathway; this is a symbol of the unacceptance and disrespect of Jordan as the key character. He disrespected the villager’s methods which they are yet to done constantly.


/strong>The writer came to the theme by simply implying his view on respecting one’s values and customs. If a specific person wants his ideologies to be acknowledged, he will need to impose this in a kind manner.

If a selected person wants to succeed awe-inspiring his tips, he then also needs to respect other peoples ideologies to prevent things coming from leading into conflicts and unfavorable reactions.

The Author in the story i think is aware that tradition might be forgotten as a result of developments and liberations that the society imposes.

Achebe showed through his tale about his respect to certain householder’s beliefs even if it is not seemingly true, thus it is everyone’s right to practice their social and classic beliefs so long as it will not be a reason for other people’s oppression (Cindy).

This is what the theme signifies through the account Lifeless Man’s Wayby Chinua Achebe.

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