The fictional elements of annabel lee dissertation

In the Poem “Annabel Lee” by Tool to cut the edges Allen Poe, there are a couple of literary gadgets used. Poe uses the unit to explain the best love between Annabel as well as the Narrator. One particular literary gadget that is used is the biblical mention of the the angels of Paradise. Another may be the use of mother nature to explain the result that Annabel’s death had on the land. Poe uses the mixture of biblical metaphors and recommendations of characteristics to explain the tragedy in the death of one of two lovers in “Annabel Lee”.

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Through the entire composition “Annabel Lee”, one thing is clear to the visitor; the love among Annabel as well as the Narrator is pretty possibly the best love in the world and is an unbreakable bond. To prove this, Poe publishes articles the following: “But our adore it was better by far than the love, of people who were more aged than we…. May ever dissever my soul from the spirit, of the amazing Annabel Lee”.

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Essentially the Narrator promises that his love pertaining to Annabel can never die, regardless if Annabel is gone from this community. Poe is ultimately saying these two enthusiasts can never become separated in life or fatality, even if is it doesn’t will of Heaven.

Poe uses the biblical aspects of angels to clarify the love between the two fans in “Annabel Lee”. This is certainly explained by the next verses, “…. But all of us loved which has a love that was more than love-, I and my Annabel Lee-, with a appreciate that the winged seraphs of Heaven, coveted her and me. “. With this Poe is saying that the addicts love is indeed great that this rivals his passion in Bliss.

Therefore producing the angels of Heaven commit the deadly bad thing of envy. A envy so great it drives the angels to try and break up the lovers. Because Poe puts it, “The angels, not half so completely happy in Heaven, went envying her and me…. “. An envy that went the angels to the edge and over to a new deadly desprovisto and eliminate Annabel. However the angels shortly learn not even death can stop the love between Annabel and the Narrator.

The use of mother nature is light in “Annabel Lee”. However , it is continual in the form of the ocean. In this type and use, the sea can be used as a foreshadowing of a darker time that is certainly about to hit the fans. For the ocean is always strange and often not so peaceful.

The only reference you get for a time can be “In a kingdom by sea…”. With this guide you only find the sense of the kingdom by an uneventful sea. However , after the fatality of Annabel the sea modifications in our view in the Narrator, “… In her tomb by the sounding sea. ” Towards the Narrator the ocean becomes a ramming, rolling, and loud sea now that Annabel is gone.

In the long run nothing ended the Narrator and Annabel’s love not really Heaven itself. As Poe puts it, “… And this maiden she resided with no additional thought than to take pleasure in and be liked by me. ” Poe uses biblical sources to make the stage that all their love is unbreakable. This individual even uses nature to show the effect Annabel’s death is wearing the land.


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