Quality, or perhaps lack of, may be the result of many decisions manufactured by many people over a very long period of time. The Hank Kolb case top quality problems all point to a single fundamental issue, management. There are four unique cause different versions in a quality process: person, machine, supplies and method. The Hank Kolb case has issues in all these four fields and this circumstance analysis will examine the problems within the several cause different versions and show the way they all point to management as the main perpetrator of poor quality.


Recommendations, both short and permanent approaches, will be outlined to help management make a quality product and work place in all the four areas. The “man root cause of poor quality is observed in the lack of training and poor perceptions of workers. Training is definitely not a prerequisite to individuals getting into new positions. This makes under-qualified persons in skilled labor functions. The attitude of the workers considers top quality as a subject that burdens and impedes people coming from doing their jobs.

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Difficulties with the “machine aspect is surely an improper routine service process as well as the machine employed for something it is far from designed to carry out. With no scheduled preventative protection, non-standard down time was running at 15% of actual running as well as repairs had been made two times a month for the last six months. To get machinery in top-running state has not been important and its’ effects had been felt down the line with over-pressurized cans. The plastic nozzle heads were often discovered with burrs on the inside casing.

This forced the company to improve the application pressure at the completing head to solve this problem. Quality is being damaged within the “materials variable. Finally, there are numerous concerns identified inside the “methods trigger variation. There is lack of plan and procedure. Examples of this kind of are completing inspections following the fact and not having any kind of feed-back spiral. Not having gear maintenance documents is another example of the lack of methods that have included in the overall not enough quality.

These kinds of four special cause variations can be visualized in a fishbone diagram (appendix 1) to exhibit the cause/ effect contact of quality problems. Each special cause variation points to poor management as the primary problem in this case. This is exacerbated as the business puts business and timetable above quality and safety. To create a solution to the coffee quality problem, Hank will need to initial deal with bureaucratic support and attitude. Hank should produce a company-wide top quality policy that is actively backed by senior administration.

Then, a training program needs to be initiated for all skilled labor and remedies positions. Up coming, start collecting data on how and for what reason the machines is digesting. Soon after, Hank should do an expense benefit analysis to see if updating the machines will improve production from the Greasex product. Hank should be aggressive with all the nozzle provider to demand greater top quality. Finally, most policies and procedures will have to be created and implemented with quality at the forefront of each concept.


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