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Juliet’s speeches to the Friar following learning that she must marry Paris in a week’s time indicate this since she data the horrors she would somewhat endure: “bid me leap… / By off the battlements of any tower… lurk / Where serpents will be; chain me with roaring bears… inches (Riverside 1130, IV. we. 77-80). She continues in much the same problematic vein, and this is usually not her only instant of this kind of emotional extremity. To see this kind of as comedic, it must be recalled that Juliet is only 14 years old, and Romeo likely around just fourteen, and however married more youthful in those days it truly is ridiculous to assume that they will could possibly experienced the same mental maturity because other of Shakespeare’s heroes and heroines.

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In Baz Luhrmann’s 1997 film type of Romeo and Juliet, certain facets of the storyline can also be ridiculously overblown. Luhrmann would not attempt to strategy comedy in the tragic occasions of the film, but this individual does underline the superficiality of much from the love, specifically by emphasizing Romeo’s intoxication during his moment of affection at first sight. His perception and judgment are both severely clouded, and the fact that he is some thing of a spoiled playboy with a marked libido is also produced very clear incredibly early inside the film. Mercutio’s character and death, too, are seen being matters of arrogance and pride, which can be definitely mentioned in the program but which usually also serves as a level between funny and misfortune in many shows, including Luhrmann’s. A true determination to this presentation would demonstrate Mercutio’s death to be entirely of his own producing (which, given Tybalt’s tries to get out of the battle, it is), and its senselessness could be known as comic. The simple fact that the two lovers head to such lengths to be together, even in death, nearly doesn’t sound right with the background of the rest of the movie, and if things were pushed just a little bit further almost all sense might disappear entirely – and that’s comedy.

The likelihood that a effective production of Romeo and Juliet being a comedy could possibly be mounted is usually, admittedly, thin to probably none. But this has more related to the uniformity of public perception than anything which is part of the text alone. Shakespeare has its own characters in comedies that wax as depressingly poetic as all those found here, and the end itself is visible as funny in the proper macabre lumination. When people commit themselves to foolishness, the result is comedy, and this sums up Romeo and Juliet.

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