The main function from the respiratory system is usually to supply the bloodstream with air. The breathing does this through breathing. Deep breathing is a natural process we use to attain oxygen, contrary to eating or perhaps drinking to get strength. When we inhale, we breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. This exchange of gases is the respiratory system system’s means of getting oxygen to the bloodstream. The respiratory tract is responsible for taking gases from the exchange surfaces with the lungs.

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Various parts may play a role in this method, such as; nose, nasal tooth cavity, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, and alveoli.


The anatomy and physiology of the breathing are extremely essential to the human body. It is going to give you a extensive understanding of the way the body acquires oxygen, removes waste products, plus the importance of the vital function in keeping people surviving. At the end with this assignment, you must like have the ability to describe and explain the structure and functions in the respiratory system and label a diagram with the respiratory system.

You will check out the respiratory system using online websites and also websites that you will take self-quizzes to check your understanding or memory of the parts. This webquest is split up into two parts, one the anatomy of the respiratory system and two the physiology from the respiratory system. Use the following resources to complete the projects, you may make use of alternative sites, but you need to record the url addresses. Make sure that the sites you use are valid; not any Wikipedia or perhaps ask sites. Try to stick with sites which can be of a site like. org,. edu,. gov.


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6. ” Body

1 ) You will need a pc with access to the internet

2 . Read and review the world wide web resources offered.

a few. On a independent piece of paper, solution the concerns as for the assigned activity.

some. When you have answered all of the questions

5. If you have virtually any problems with the webquest, please contact your instructor for further assistance.

six. Good Luck and revel in!

Task 1

Using the internet resources listed above, take note of information to help you answer the subsequent questions:

1 . Describe the function in the nasal and oral goitre for deep breathing. 2 . Describe the structure and function with the epiglottis. three or more. Describe the structure and placement of the trachea. Explain it is function regarding respiration. 5. Describe the structure and performance of the cricoid cartilage. a few. Explain the function in the larynx.

6th. List and describe both the major divisions of the air passage to the lung area. 7. Make clear the function of the lung area and the volume of lobes. eight. Discuss the function with the alveoli. Identify its framework and location. being unfaithful. Describe the structure and location of the diaphragm. Explain their importance regarding respiration. 15. Complete the diagram with the respiratory system making use of the following internet site: 11. Print the benefits when you are done.

12. Submit a copy of your assignments.

Task Two

Using the internet resources as listed above, write down details so you can response the following queries:

1 . Talk about the process of inhalation and illustrate how that occurs. 2 . Discuss the process of exhalation and describe how it arises. 3. Make clear how gas exchange occurs in the lungs at the twangy level. four. Explain how gas exchange takes place on the cellular level. 5. List the steps in the process of how fresh air passes through the air in the blood. six. What is the proportion of o2 in the air we breathe in the atmosphere? six. Explain the structural variations in the breathing anatomy of the adult coming from a child or perhaps infant. 8. Hand in a copy of your assignment.


You could have successfully accomplished the workout on the breathing. Hopefully you now have an improved understanding of how the lungs function, how we breathe, and how crucial it is to shield our lungs with correct personal attention and workout.


Make use of the following websites as last review of the respiratory system to aid in your studies.

After opening the following web page, please print out and answer the questions. You may utilize website to get assistance if possible.

Use the following website as a final review to help you with all the lesson. ” on the web lesson

This website will be helpful like a quick questions:


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