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Excerpt from Exploration Proposal:

(Niglas, 2004)

Stated to be research queries that should guide the empirical research design are those the following:

(1) Just how have quantitative and qualitative elements been related? What type of combined styles have been sued? What is the level of integration between qualitative and quantitative facets of studies?

(2) Why have the authors chosen to prefer multimethod or mixed design to monomethod procedure? Do they offer a explanation for their choice? What is the goal of the mixture of different strategies?;

(3) Precisely what are the problems that the usage of different mixed designs creates?; and (4) How do style characteristics impact the inferences and summary the experts draw? (Niglas, 2004)

Bryman (2006) information that research study conducted intended for the justification of mixture of quantitative and qualitative study finds the next five justifications in the combination of research of both qualitative and quantitative types:

(1) Triangulation – convergence, corroboration, correspondence or perhaps results from different methods;

(2) Complementarity – Seeks elaboration, enhancement, example, clarification from the results from one strategy with the results from another;

(3) Development – seeks the results from one method to assist in expanding or telling the different method intended for research and specifically where development is construed to broadly including sampling and implementation;

(4) Initiation – seeks the discovery of paradox and contradiction, new perspectives of frameworks, the recasting of questions or results from one method with queries or results form the additional method;

(5) Expansion – seeks to extend the breadth and selection of enquiry through the use of different techniques for different inquiry components. (Bryman, 2006)

Summary and Summary

The use of mixed research methods provides a useful data nevertheless , it is important to understand that the combination of qualitative and quantitative research is likely to cause unanticipated results and in fact that possibility can be magnified in mixed research methodology. There exists however , quite a lot of value inside the use of both qualitative and quantitative study.


Bryman, Alan (2006) Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Research: How Is It Completed? Qualitative Study 2006. SAGE Publications, London, uk, Thousand Oaks, CA and New Delhi Vol. 6(1). Online offered by: http://www.socsci.uci.edu/ssarc/pcs/webdocs/W-Readings/IntegratingQualandQuant.pdf

Yoshikawa, Hirokazu; Weisner, Thomas T.; Kalil, Ariel and Method, Niobe (2008) Mixing Qualitative and Quanitative Research in Development Science: Uses and Methodological Alternatives. Developmental Psychology 2008. Vol. 44 Number 3. On the web available at: http://prod.baruch.cuny.edu/facultyhandbook/documents/YoshikawaWeisnerKalilWay2008DP.pdf

Niglas, Katrin (2004) The Combined Usage of Qualitative

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