The Journey by Anne Cameron Essay


Canadian article writer Anne Cameron j. (1938- ) was born in Nanaimo, British Columbia, and increased in Vancouver. She started out writing tv set and theatre scripts then started publishing novels, which includes numerous children’s books, stories and beautifully constructed wording.

She has printed more than 30 books. Among the first novels which in turn she posted is “The Journey” (1982). The main story of this publication is the life of two women in the 1800s, under a “western feminist” standpoint, bridging the Canadian frontier looking for their home. The central heroes are Anne, a 18 year old young lady, and Sarah who is a prostitute.

They are all have had hard moments just before their errant; Anne was abused by her bum uncle and Sarah was humiliated by a killer sheriff and his group. After Anne escapes the girl teams up with Sarah and the trip collectively starts. The novel pictures their trip through the Canadian west, providing detailed advice about the landscapes or perhaps characters thoughts, with particular situations and contrasts like Chinese train workers cottage with amazing corridors of Belle’s brothel. They result in the Pacific Coast wherever they have to finally face using their own past, under upbeat view.

The dissimilarity involving the two personas is an appealing contrast; Anne was a pure innocent young lady and Dorothy a prostitute, a rather strange duo. Cameron approaches the characters’ sexuality in a very particular way. Sarah has a fun relationship which has a man then she feels similar with a woman, introducing a few doubt regarding whether the girl prefers females in general or Anne particularly. The author says that the lady thinks of “pan-sexuality”, choosing not to wonder about a particular person sex interest.

Long before of “Thelma and Louise” or “Brokeback Mountain” videos, this new, in a different way, mix up these films theme; in a history about humanity and women especially, who conquer life’s difficulty, giving significance for their particular role in society.

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