Review on ang lihim ng pamilya rizal Essay


That documentary was quite challenging especially the point about Saturnina and her uncle Jose Maria. That got myself thinking for an hour or two because if it was accurate it would be a disgrace to the family.

The events links jointly; Saturnina got pregnant, her mother, Theodora took her on a long vacation and after that they’ve delivered with Soledad the baby that Theodora believed to hers and A?oranza was meztisa just like Jose Maria. Several questions run through my mind just like how mixed dough happen? Was it planned? does Theodora did not brought up saturnina just like the way the lady have increased rizal?. One more interesting issue is that the Alonzo family was a bastard because Theodora’s mom, Brigada Quintos was not the best wife of her dad, Lorenzo as well as the only legal child was Jose Nancy. It was cleaned to me why Rizal would not live in the alonzo mansion.

Also, that’s why the Alberto estate wasn’t recognized as a milestone because family members Rizal wasn’t really coupled to the mansion. Today the Alberto ancestral Mansion in Biñan laguna has been torn piece by part for it will probably be moved to one more location. Many people are against this because which is house that Theodora grew with and it should be cured as a countrywide landmark.

I’m against it too because Theodora was an important person in history and she’s one who mold Rizal in to what he’d become. Although Theodora wasn’t a legal kid, she is continue to one of the people that have a right to it. The mansion is full of Filipino background to be destroyed just for a foreign coffee shop?

That’s not right. At the end of the documentary, the most important thing I’ve learned is definitely everyone can be a hero. You don’t need to have a good family members background; you simply need to show yourself worthy, care for the country and countrymen just like our national hero.

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