Moral values Essay


It would be low injustice to categorize most children and youths since lacking in good manners and honnete, but the general trend would certainly suggest there is a major decline among quite a few.

Family principles have changed dramatically before few decades, making a crop of undisciplined young adults and children who absence morals and manners resulting from poor training. Good ways were once the norm with young people a lot aware the older generation. Expressing please and thank you, giving up a seat within the bus and holding open doors were almost all considered normal mannerly patterns.

Times have changed and now are in a predominantly me-first world which is reflected in many teenagers. If very good manners will be taught from a young age, they will generally continue to be part of the personality from the young child right into adulthood. The lack of very good manners seen in society on the whole is no doubt a reflection in the situation throughout the home. With out parental case in point and training the area of manners, it’s likely the children will sadly absence in displaying them.

Similar can be said with the lack of probe we find in several of today’s youth. A large percentage of00 children have grown up with minimum respect pertaining to authority, to get property, for family or even themselves. Living a lifetime of immorality is recognized as normal habit today and has created a bumper crop of young people with venereal disease, unwanted pregnancies and a feeling of emptiness within their lives.

With a lack of moral stability, we find young people involved in criminal offenses, violence and drug abuse. The so-called independence they have provides actually helped bring them into slavery to the amoral lifestyle. There is a compare though in numerous children and teenagers who have are ethical and do include good manners, proving that it must be still possible to build up these wonderful characteristics.

This can be a real pleasure to come across teenagers who will be mannerly and who have the courage to lead a moral life, not.

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