Excerpt from Dissertation:

Medical Affairs Section: Implementing Electronic digital Database Record Keeping


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Feasibility Analysis:

This kind of project is incredibly feasible since it is a standard changing of record keeping procedures from manual to electronic digital database – which is prevalent practice among most information departments today. There is nothing exceptional or perhaps impractical relating to this project this means you will be accomplished with comparatively little cost, little time devoted to the transition, and few risks.

Specialized Feasibility: The project is usually technically feasible and depends only upon the assistance of the IT split and the teaching staff/support system to help in the going-online phase of the change. The data source technology can be standard to get the market and will be conveniently obtained and implemented.

Financial Feasibility: The project can be economically feasible with systems ranging from cheap to higher-end or high grade packages. A medium-range data source system will be sufficient in this project and it is within the spending budget of the Department and can therefore be anchored without appearing any economic imbalances intended for the Medical Affairs section overall.

Operational Feasibility: The operational feasibility of the task is apparent as after the database is installed, the department will be able to operate this smoothly and effectively due to training it can receive just before going-online. The database will be needing minimal networking support but IT professionals happen to be on-call 24-7 should support be required thus there is no impracticality associated with the functions of the job on that end.

Necessity Specification

Task Scope: Medical Affairs Section currently physically processes every medical questions. A database would help the staff within their work and enable them to be more efficient and faster within their responses to enquiries. The proposed program will provide quick access to earlier enquiries/responses, reference point info, pre-constructed replies, and statistical examination. Thus, the scope with this project is found within the context of the Medical Affairs Departments request/enquiries processing division and addresses a purpose within that division to speed up procedures, ease labor and time-intensive activities, and let for better productivity overall.

Project aims: The aims of this task are to help the Office in reacting more efficiently to the increased range of requests because of the combination of two pharmaceutical companies. Other objectives include: to improve the number of inquiries that can be responded immediately above the phone; to diminish the amount of period taken to make written responses; to decrease time taken to locate appropriate historic data and standard characters; to decrease time taken to prepare statistical research; to increase department efficiency and free up helpful other activities, and also to increase utility of the info provided towards the sales and marketing areas.

Functional Specification: The efficient specification for this project may be the following: for the enquiry is received, details of the enquiry will be upon the repository. The Medical Associate will then search the database for either famous data or standard characters by coming into one or more search criteria. If the appropriate previous enquiry or standard notification has been discovered, the information can be provided quickly to the enquirer over the cell phone. With all enquiries kept within an electronic database, the Medical Affairs Section will then be in a position to perform statistical analyses from the enquiries received using a large range of criteria without manual en-cas. This information

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