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Eating Disorders- Anorexia Nervosa

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Anorexia Nervosa can be described as mental illness, an eating disorder and a life threatening sickness that is typically responsible for the folks who do not receive enough nutrition for bodies (National Eating Disorders Collaboration). This mental illness as well causes people to be preoccupied in thinking that they are over weight when they are actually underweight. Therefore, the people with Anorexia Nervosa starve themselves and do not receive enough nourishment for their physique to function correctly. There are many different signs or symptoms of Beoing underweight Nervosa. Some of them are incredible weight loss, intense thinness and major diets issues (Helpguide).

This essay discusses the ways where a mental disease called Anorexic Nervosa can be solved or prevented from causing visitors to have amazing weight loss, being extremely thin and to have got major diet issues (Helpguide). Some of the protective methods will be as follows: 1) promoting healthy opinions regarding oneself yet others (WebMD), 2) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Good Therapy) and 3) consuming a balanced food (NEDA). The strategy that will most likely work the very best is Intellectual Behavioral Remedy. It is also linked to the economic and the moral factors.

The first technique that could be used to prevent Anorexia Nervosa through promoting healthy opinions about oneself and others. The way this method performs is by pushing Anorexic persons especially the young kids to keep an optimistic view on themselves and their body (WebMD). The strategy, promoting healthful opinions regarding oneself while others basically conveys the communication that a child/ adult should not comment negatively about their overall appearance. The outcomes of saying negative comments will worsen the Anorexic individual’s way of thinking regarding themselves (NEDA). This method is beneficial as it prompted many people around the world to change their methods. The people with eating disorders could gather up their bravery to look at themselves with more self-confidence day by day (Stanford Medicine). Consequently , there must not be any other concerns arising when this solution is used.

This method is related to the moral and the meaningful factors. The process, promoting healthful opinions regarding oneself and others is related to the ethical aspect. This is because the Anorexic persons may think the fact that encouragements from people is actually a joke or maybe a lie which is supposed to perk them up. It is also related to the meaningful factor because people can choose if this option is right or perhaps wrong inside their lives (WebMD). Therefore , these types of factors can cause a barrier for this strategy to those who are not really willing to become encouraged by compliments via others. However , to those whom are very ready to be prompted should be damaged in a good way.

The second method that might be used to resolve or prevent Anorexia Nervosa is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Good Therapy). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of a psychological therapy. In the period that a person is below treatment, the therapist would try to seriously understand their thoughts and emotions about their condition which is in this case, Anorexic Nervosa. The therapist will focus on removing the person’s poor eating habits and might try to make them to become healthier every day. This approach is quite effective as it has become used often times on Anorexic patients ending up with a confident outcome (The Ranch). People also be zero problems arising since it is utilized to inspire people to include better thoughts about themselves through internal therapy.

This method relates to the financial and the ethical factors. The method, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is related to the economic aspect. This is because the purchase price range in this therapy is about 40-100 which is about Rs. 4, 000- Rs. 12, 000 with regards to the quality with the therapy (NHS Choices). It also related to the moral factor because it is a private choice for folks whether they wish to attend the treatment or certainly not. Therefore , these kinds of factors may cause a barrier for this method to those who are certainly not willing to fork out a lot of money also to those who may or may not want to attend the therapy.

The third method that could be utilized to solve or prevent Anorexia Nervosa is by eating a well-balanced meal. Since Anorexic people have a tendency of eating little or no or extremely poorly as they think they can be overweight (NEDA). Howstuffworks suggests that an average person should provide their body with by least two, 000 unhealthy calories from a balanced meal every day (HowStuffWorks). If the person is usually devoted to this system, he will be able to turn into healthier being that they are eating three healthy/balanced meals a day. As a result, using this method on people with Anorexic Nervosa must be able to help them look better physically and should ultimately be able to think healthier total (Patient. co. uk). Right now there should not be any kind of problems coming due to this method.

This technique is related to the ethical and the moral factors. Eating a well-balanced meal is related to the moral factor. After you eat a balanced food, an Anorexic person may throw up. This could mean that the nutrition from the healthy and balanced food would be visited waste without having to be put to use by the person’s body system (Helpguide). Additionally it is related to the moral component because it is the individual’s choice of whether or not they want to eat at least 2, 1000 calories by a balanced food per day (HowStuffWorks). Therefore , the ethical factor will cause a barrier for this method to those people who are against ingesting a lot even if it is regarding eating a proper and a balanced meal. The moral factor will also result in a barrier in this method when ever solving Anorexia Nervosa while the person has the choice of whether they want to consume at least 2, 1000 calories daily or not.

Consequently , based on my research, it seems like as if Cognitive Behavioral Remedy (CBT) is among the most effective and the best method that might be used to resolve or prevent Anorexia Therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a psychological therapy in which the therapist will focus on reducing the patient’s poor ways of eating and might try to make them to become more healthy every day (The Ranch). This process is the best mainly because it is focused about helping an Anorexic patient through professional help which is in this instance, psychological remedy. However , this method’s disadvantage comes in areas of factors exactly where it is linked to the economic and moral effects. Overall, this kind of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most effective method you can use to solve or perhaps prevent Beoing underweight Nervosa in the foreseeable future.

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