how does steinbeck show the theme of loneliness in


Originally titled something that occurred, Of rats and males was created in 1936 and published sometime later on in 1937 Steinbeck himself was born in Salinas, Washington dc in 1902 and put in time as being a ranch hand and working with migrant workers which offered him quality accounts of what your life was really just like during the despression symptoms in America, this kind of being surrounding the time the book is placed.

Steinbeck perished aged sixty six in 1968 having anchored his place in the history books with his well known novels and having won the Nobel Reward for books in 1962. I believe Of mice and men is known as a compassionate account of the lives of the not skilled workers ranch hands when it comes to the book during the great depression that afflicted the whole of America from your catastrophic stock market crash of 1929 the ripples of which shaped the 1930s plus the hardships experienced throughout that period.

It also has the underlining message of hope and the American desire, Freedom and equality the book doesnt follow these ideas particularly but is a story much the same as today most people may relate and identify with the age old themes of loneliness and friendship inequality the difference between right and wrong and balance with much of the book foreshadowing and coming complete circle, this can be displayed with much of the scenes opening and closing the same way.

From the beginning it is very clear the main focus is definitely loneliness occur Soledad (Spanish for loneliness) the story zones around an unlikely few ranch hands George and lennie, as well as obvious from the first page they are a lonely match having merely fled a great anywhere area called bud due to lennies mental handicap and the prejudice of what wasnt comprehended at the time. The relationship between them is more parent-child than that of two friends therefore sees these people outcast from your everyday folks trying to make ends meet during this time.

Not really that you could view it to look at all of them mind nevertheless they have ideal of having their own plot of land and being self satisfactory best described by lennies underworld line A great live off the fatta the lan the American best. As simple since this thought is via an early stage in the book we all begin to see the foreshadowing and it is quite apparent this pipe dream is one they may never accomplish. Scene four is really the place that the loneliness is needed and is exactly where we have a large long time frame with the several loneliest character types in the book.

We dont this can be a co-incidence I really think Steinbeck put all his thoughts and strength into guaranteeing we can recognize the lonesome four inside the fourth landscape and in a great setting to allow them to really display there authentic albeit unhappy colours. We all learn that Crooks is no longer living his life as he reminisces about his child years but now is reduced to merely existing in the dark areas and far from everyone else in the main storyline he enables Lennie in his place somewhat begrudgingly but privately you feel demands human contact and if it has to be in the form of a dum-dum very well itll carry out.

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