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Someone’s development of identification is often influenced by the awareness of the persons around them. The novel Will My Head Look Big with this (2005) by simply Randa Abdel-Fattah explores how the beginning of discovering a person’s identity causes a personal voyage which can be plagued by the judgements of one’s environment. Often , bias arises from beliefs regarding what an individual basically believes. Abdel-Fattah suggests that the identity of a person really should not be judged based upon their classic culture or perhaps the stereotypes connected with their religious beliefs or male or female as this may have terrible effects within the individual.

Prejudice occurs as a result of beliefs regarding a person’s beliefs, lifestyle or male or female. In the story, people carry negative perceptions regarding Islam as a result of the media and a lack of personal understanding on the Muslims. This prejudice prospects the main leading part, Amal, to suffer from Islamophobic views and discrimination since seen simply by her hesitation to discuss things openly with her good friend through colloquial language “I’m worried that she’ll believe, Oh, standard Muslim nutters. Locking their girls in the house” (pg. 281). The colloquial language have been used below to create a conversational tone intended for readers to connect and reflect on these issues occurring. [AN1] This problem of ethnic and faith based prejudice is further found when the new driver of the bus increases the amount as radio stations declares the imperative “Australians are under threat penalized attacked simply by these Koran-wielding people” (pg. 152. ). The metaphorical term ‘Koran wielding’ provides to the readers the misconception that Muslims utilize Quran as a weapon to attack Australians.

Throughout the novel, the reader is proven the theme of teenage insecurities and the standards of cultural norms. The fear of installing in plus the character Simone’s insecurity could be connected to all of the stories that people hear about small teenagers currently taking their lives simply because did not feel as though they would fit in or we were holding made to believe that they were not good enough. Simone experience what the majority of teenage girls knowledge at one point yet another at that grow older. She struggles with key body insecurities as she keeps planning a “New diet” pg. 41 “every week” pg. 42. The lady believes that she is obese, although nobody else appears to see this kind of “Simone’s extremely self-conscious about her body really voluptuous and curvy and gorgeous with blue sight, creamy, bright skin and lips¦” pg. 42. The utilization of descriptive terminology challenges the audience to reflect on the beauty requirements they are used to meet the suitable social norms. This is even more explored through Josh’s persona when he identifies the unit in the magazine “She is all about to click in two snap in two¦you could possibly be sneezing within suburbshe might fall onto her face” pg. 118. His character conveys the idea about our social norms with the aid of hyperbole to emphasise that women/girls don’t have to alter their skin image to be ideal they are ideal by what they may be. This a sense of extreme insecurity and sense the need to reach societys norms can be connected to the daily life of an average teen.

Much of the time, individuals are unsatisfied with who also they genuinely are and attempt to undertake a new personality in order to think they are part of a community. All their thoughts tend to be influenced by other viewpoints even if they will entirely don’t agree with the stereotypes they are afflicted by. Amal educates the audience that the identity crisis is essential within our lives to find who all of us truly are as it says through the metaphorical phrase “but the point is, might be people have to pass through a big cat and a mouse problem at diverse points of their particular lives. ” pg. 80. This suggests that the a comparison of the mouse button and the big cat highlights the struggle between wanting to assert your identity and at the same time being scared of how will it be recognized by culture, also the imperative “have to” demonstrates that it is important for individuals to go through this. As a result, viewers understand that the struggle is usually rewarding. Throughout the perceptions of media along with our world, an atrocious stereotype was shaped that ladies who have on the hijab are mired. Although, the ladies who wear the hijab sense a connection with other folks who have on the hijab as well as all their faith which therefore tones up their identity. Amal as well feels the connection when the girl wears the hijab while she says “I’m experiencing a fresh identity, a fresh expression of who I am on the inside, but I know that I am not breaking a new ground. I’m writing something with millions of other woman around the globe and seems so exciting I was as well experiencing a feeling of empowerment and freedom¦” pg. 25. The writer conveys the message through a positive meaning and the make use of emotive language as she uses the terms just like ’empowerment and ‘freedom’ is used to highlight the feeling of freedom in a ladies choice and connectedness to women.

It is interesting to scrutinize the way that society is currently running, exactly where people feel the constant must be acceptable with a certain profile. The novel Does My Head Look Big In This? delivers to it is readers a significant message upon the subjects of identity crises, misconceptions, and teenage various insecurities. In fact , it is up to the children generation to try to change the landscapes of society to help the members of future generations lead a better and more happy life, so that they on no occasion have to feel like outsiders.

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