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Pedagogy of the Oppressed: Questions to Request

In the beginning of the book, Freire tendencies the oppressed to free both themselves and the oppressor. How do you believe this can be completed? Freire says that it should be done by generosity – not false charitable trust. What does this individual mean at this time?

On page twenty four, Freire declares that the central problem is which the oppressed must become real beings whom participate “in developing the pedagogy of their liberation. inches In other words, the oppressed must view themselves and their oppressors in a substantially different paradigm and that this kind of paradigm switch will amount to the strategies which freedom, ideation, and self-determination may be achieved. Does this sound feasible to you, or is Freire simply relying on semantics and rhetoric to produce the false impression of possibility when the truth is the oppressed need a liberator, a messiah, a leader, a defender, and so forth

On page fifty four, Freire notes that the implementation of the freedom cannot be taken on without politics power, that this oppressed don’t have. Yet he asserts the oppressed can easily undertake a course of freedom by way of “educational projects, inch which do not need systematization but instead a unity of legal documents among the oppressed and an organized purpose, which will result in political power. Do you discover moments on planet history the moment this sort of organizational aim do transpire and momentary liberation did arise? I can think of Germany in the 1930s when the NSDAP took control – but by mid-40s that they had been crushed by an alliance of world capabilities. The question is: may liberation resistant to the oppressors today be accomplished without the balance of electric power being likely, globally, from the oppressors towards the liberators. In other words, is not the problem of oppression a worldwide one? Can easily liberation start on a regional scale or perhaps must that necessarily be waged on a global scale? Can you think of any country or consumers that is ambitiously attempting to do just this? Russia, most likely?

Chapter a couple of

Freire criticizes the teacher-student relationship, saying the process is suffering from “narration sickness” (71). But, it most all cases the educator must have anything to teach, or else he/she can be not a instructor. The student must be in need of some thing (be the receiver or listening object) or else there is absolutely no reason to become student. Will you agree the fact that reality of the narrative (the lesson communicated by instructor to student) is lifeless, “compartmentalized and predictable” (71) as Freire asserts, or is there a thing vital in a teacher’s narrative that can be valuable to the scholar? I think in particular of the important lessons with the ancient Greek philosophers Socrates and Plato and Aristotle, whose lessons had been so valued by pupils that they have recently been preserved for hundreds of years and are still cherished today. Techniques you think that Freire’s criticisms are since valid to get the classicists as they are, most likely, for contemporary academicians – the sort explained by Dickens in Crisis (the “facts, facts, facts” sort)?

On-page 72, Freire states that knowledge “emerges only through invention and re-invention… positive inquiry… ” and that college students and teachers must swap places in order to truly reconcile themselves towards the endless query that humanizes all of us, “so that the two are simultaneously educators and college students. ” Socrates would frequently engage his “students” in dialogue by simply “confessing” himself to be uninformed of a certain subject matter and asking the various other to clear up him, whereupon Socrates might then explain the contradictions in the

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