The novel Pride and Prejudice consists of many issues and symbolizes different aspects of life and behavior of folks. In this essay I am going to assess and talk about the concept of the parenthood. Let me only comment on the personas that are parents or fuck as parents, namely, Mister. Bennet, Mrs. Bennet, Mister. Gardiner, Mrs. Gardiner and girl Catherine De Bourgh. The last character mentioned may not fuck as a mother or father but your woman acts just like one. To start with, I will start talking about the Bennet friends and family.

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If we go through the Bennets with modern eye, we could admit their tendencies towards all their daughters is incredibly different from how parents get along with their children today. In females parents usually do not marry of their children, we could see this as old-fashioned.

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But in the 19th 100 years the rich families wished that their particular descendants wedded other rich families in order to save their property. The happiness and feelings of the children did not matter towards the parents even as we can see in Pride and Prejudice.

Mr. Bennet loves his family nevertheless he detaches from them as a way not to get involved with their lives. He gets on really well with Elizabeth because they will both are the most intelligent users of the Bennet family. But since the novel evolves he turns into a father that is weak and critical moments he does not work out his relatives. For instance, this individual fails his family the moment Lydia operates off with Wickham. [¦] “My dear Mr. Bennet,  said his lady to him one day, “have you noticed that Netherfield Park is definitely let finally?  Mister. Bennet responded that he previously not.

“But it is,  returned she; “for Mrs. Long has just been below, and the girl told me everything regarding it.  Mr. Bennet made simply no answer. “Do not you would like to know who have taken that?  cried his better half impatiently. “You want to share with me, and i also have no argument to experiencing it.  [¦] (Jane Austen, Take great pride in and Misjudgment, Volume I, Chapter My spouse and i, page 5)

In this short extract of the novel Take great pride in and Bias a lot is shown about Mr. Bennet and his partner. In the first six lines it is noticed that Mister. Bennet does not care that an individual has come to live to Netherfield Park. Instead his partner insists upon telling him everything she knows about this. Mr. Bennet, to me, does not care and in the best way teases his wife because they are so apathetic. He knows that this behavior makes his wife very nervous nevertheless the last range takes all the tension aside.

You expect an enormous quarrel yet instead you read this range and, for least I used to be, a little bit amazed because I did not expect that answer, actuality from him. Going back to the theme of raising a child this remove is quite interesting. It demonstrates Mr. Bennet is unaggressive about everything that has to do with his daughters however on the other hand, Mrs. Bennet really wants to know everything that is going about because the lady wants to marry off her daughters into a wealthy man. She can only think of that. She is not concerned with at all about the feeling of her daughters. [¦] “Dining out,  said Mrs. Bennet, “that is very ill-fated.  “Can I have the carriage,  said Her.

“No, my dear, you had better go on horse back, because it seems likely to rainfall; and then you have to stay through the night.  “That would be a good scheme,  said Elizabeth, “if you were certain they would not really offer to send her house.  “Oh! But the lady will have Mr. Bingley’s siège to go to Meryton; and Hursts have no race horses theirs.  “I very much rather use the trainer. 

“But, my dear, your dad cannot spare the horse, I am sure. They are really wanted inside the farm, Mr. Bennet, are they not?  (Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice, Volume level I, Part 7, site 31)

In this article we can see the clear interest of Mrs. Bennet toward Jane, the oldest girl. She desires her girl to go to the lunchtime and to stay over presently there because it probably will rain. Even though there is a opportunity that Her gets unwell, Mrs. Bennet insists in Jane going over to the lunchtime. This patterns shows the readers that your woman cares about her daughter however she simply wants to make sure that the property and everything that they posses will not end up with Mister. Bennet’s relative. Mrs. Bennet continues to respond in this way during whole the novel. At no point, the reader can see affection from Mrs. Bennet toward her daughters. Certainly, you observe no motherly behavior; your woman never gets involved with the daily jobs of the house or perhaps with the personal hygiene of her daughters. Something that moms nowadays start a lot, getting involved with her children’s your life.

Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner are very not the same as Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. The Gardiners do care about the feeling of their children. In this instance they go along very well with Jane and Elizabeth that help them with the struggle they may have with Bingley and Darcy. We can see that Mrs. Gardiner cares for her nieces since she will things to protect the girls, to be able to prevent them to do selected things some may regret down the road. She defends them being a mother should do, she provides them suggestions, and she listens towards the girls.

Mrs. Gardiner is a opposite of Mrs. Bennet. The former entails more in the lives from the girls and guides them through this while the second option just would like that her daughters to marry some rich man in order to not lose their very own possessions they may have at Longbourn. In the next remove the readers is able to see what kind of your woman Mrs. Gardiner is usually: [¦] Her aunt guaranteed her that she was; and At the having thanked her pertaining to the attention of her hinds, they will parted; an awesome instance of advice staying given in such a place, without being resented. [¦] (Austen, Volume 2, Chapter III, page 143)

Austen identifies Mr. Gardiner in the next way: “Mr. Gardiner was obviously a sensible, gentlemanlike man, greatly superior to his sister as well by nature as education. (Austen, Volume 2, Chapter a couple of, page 137) Although Mister. Gardiner does not appear very much in the story he is present every time his carrying partner appears. Truthfully, every time Mrs. Gardiner shows up I imagine that her partner is involved in the conversation and thought of his wife. Woman Catherine De Bourgh is usually Darcy’s aunt and the girl does not wish that a lot of girl, especially not with reduced social prosperity marries her nephew. Lady De Bourgh is a very prosperous woman and with this she thinks that this lady has to tell others how, why and when they should do things or perhaps not. Once she discovers that Elizabeth is very attached to Darcy your woman asks At the many questions; on the one hand, to let Elizabeth understand that she is even more intelligent and from a better social course; on the other hand, to maybe discourage Elizabeth away.

If we analyze this behavior taking in thought parenthood, we’re able to say that she is protective and cares about her family. After all, the reader is aware of who and what sort of woman the girl with and that all of the questions are only for personal fascination and not to assist her nephew Darcy. In conclusion, I would like to say that many diverse manners penalized a parent appear in the book. We have found the Bennet family, the Gardiner family and Lady Catherine De Bourgh. We could declare the Mr. and Mrs. Bennet are cold persons; they do not care about the feelings of their children and so they only value their reputation and interpersonal wealth. However the Gardiners are protecting towards the Bennet girls.

They will try to help them by giving these people advice and talk to other folks to find out in what situation the girls are putting themselves in. Last but not least, Lady Catherine De Bourgh. The girl with from a wealthy sociable class and does everything the girl can so that no one with a lower sociable wealth makes her family. Finally this wounderful woman has to accept that Elizabeth and Darcy get married. In the end I could say that various kinds of parenthood are available in the novel. To me, parents should get active in the life with their children, to protect them preventing them of getting mistakes they may regret. Being a good parent or guardian involves being there to your children and never to act inside your personal interest. The sole family that is honest, to me, is the Gardiner family.

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