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The moment Pelayo was coming back to his house, this individual found a classic man confront down in the mud, which has a pair of substantial wings. The neighbor informed them he was an angel, and should have been pulled down by the rain. Inside the short story, “A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings”, Gabriel García Márquez reveals some of his ideas of human nature. He shows just how pessimistic mankind can be, with an experience with a fallen angel.

One characterization found in the storyplot was the thought of human avarice and selfishness.

Most people are interested in what is perfect for them, or how they can make the most of something because of their own good. In the story, the Pelayo and Elisenda, husband and wife, had an angel get caught in their yard. At first these were going to put the angel over a raft and free him from their chicken coop prison. Rather, they made a decision to charge entrance to see the fallen angel that they can held attentive in their courtyard (6).

They realized that people would come from almost everywhere to see this spectacle, and took benefit of the situation.

By keeping this angel locked in the chicken coop, they were profiting off of his misery. Those that came complained of their many problems, and were looking for the angel to help these groups. They were almost all concerned with themselves, and their own problems, rather than the angel’s health. This selfishness is just component to human nature. The human race will usually look for the very best options to benefit themselves.

Humans apparently have a very short attention duration. The smallest issues can be humorous, and keep our attention, normally only for a while. The human competition is always looking for the new most sensible thing, whether it is the hippest clothing, the newest, fastest cars, or the top-of-the-line personal computers. In “A Very Old guy With Substantial Wings”, those were amazed by the fact that a “flesh-and-blood angel” had dropped, and were coming from all over to see him. It was only after a period of some weeks or so that a vacationing circus found town.

In this circus, there is a woman who had been supposedly turned into a index for disobeying her parents. The audience lost affinity for the angel and swarmed to see the index lady (10). The people had been interested in this kind of angel pertaining to only a short period of time because a thing more interesting came to town. The entire idea that there were a dropped angel on earth became old.

Humanity is, by nature, inappropriate. Again, heading back to the angel and his imprisonment, it appeared as though people were upset or disappointed that the angel may not answer their questions. The whole imprisonment was cruel in the first place. At first, they will even attempted to feed the angel mothballs. Then, once everyone was dissatisfied with the angel merely left in the hen house, they decided to get him to move by burning his side with a great iron, intended for branding directs (9). Intended for weeks that they tormented this kind of poor, impossible angel.

Márquez, through his fiction, shows some of his feelings on the philosophy of human nature. He feels that as a whole, can be not very positive, and can be quite selfish. The compny seeks to have a quick attention period with many issues, and we can even be very vicious. Human nature, as portrayed in “A Incredibly Old Man With Enormous Wings”, is not as perfect and wonderful numerous would like to believe that.

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