a virtual community and a social media web site


QUESTION 1 ) Write a passage to explain and distinguish between a virtual community and a social networking internet site.

In Social support systems everyone has their own social network (whether online or perhaps offline). Everyone has friends, people, and people they can be acquainted with. A web based social networking site simply makes our internet sites visible in front of large audiences who are not in our quick network. Therefore the single most critical feature that distinguishes a social network by a community is usually how individuals are held collectively on these sites.

In a social media, people are placed together simply by pre-established interpersonal relationships, such as kinship, a friendly relationship, classmates, fellow workers, business associates, etc . The connections are built one at a time (i. e. you connect immediately with an additional user). The principal reason that individuals join a social networking internet site is to keep old associations and build new types to expand their network.

Some evident examples of social networks are Facebook, Myspace, and LinkedIn. One interesting feature about someones social networks is that they are extremely one of a kind.

It really is very difficult to fake a Facebook or perhaps LinkedIn account, because your good friends (or who also you hook up to) will certainly collectively discover you. In contrast to social networks, areas (both on the web and offline) will be more interesting coming from a interpersonal anthropological point of view, because they generally consist of people from all walks of life that seem to don’t have any relationship whatsoever. Yet, since we’ve learned from background, communities are very robust interpersonal structures. So what is it that holds these communities collectively? Communities will be held with each other by prevalent interest.

It might be a hobby, some thing the community associates are interested in, a common target, a common task, or merely the choice for a related lifestyle, location, or occupation. Clearly people join the city because they will care about this common fascination that glu the community associates together. Several stay since they believed the urge to contribute to the trigger; others arrive because they will benefit from staying part of the community. In communities identity are forged.

QUERY 2 . Identify a product that could be promoted by using a social networking web page such as Facebook . com. Explain how come your chosen item would be a great candidate for the social networking-based promotion strategy. Amazonproducts just like electronics and wears are definitely liable goods for campaign on Social networking sites. Especially when discounted this goods call for wonderful awareness knowing that large amount of persons or customers demand and they are in search of the products in cheaper, available and from trusted companies.

These items being available for sales online with appear delivery and trust (in returns and delivery) demands great understanding for people to create interest, assurance and preference for purchase. Consequently, people or customers throughout the social networking sites produces vast understanding in interactions and sharing thoughts and likeness for such goods or campaign.

QUESTION several. Describe 2 or 3 specific applications that could use a smart phones GPS DEVICE capability. State the benefits of using the GPS inside the app every time. Find my personal phone

Get My Mobile phone is a GPS DEVICE tracking app on android os phones that makes it easy for one to track and locate a stolen phone. This kind of phone tracker app has a navigational characteristic and assistance and as long as the location app is running, it will help locate a stolen or dropped phone easily and quickly. The application uses safeguarded data coming from cell phone companies to track and display the telephone location around the Find My Phone map. For this feature to function, the Find My personal Phone app needs to be attached to both your phone and the cellphone of the person you want to observe or locate. Find My own Phone uses state-of-the-art GPS UNIT technology to accurately identify phones. Take note: For this characteristic to function, the Find My own Phone software needs to be attached to both your cellphone and the telephone of the person you want to monitor or find Google Maps

The Google Maps application for Android os phones and tablets makes navigating on your desired position faster and easier. That enables you find a very good spots in town and the what you need to get there. Google Maps contains various relevant features such as ¢ Thorough, accurate roadmaps in 220 countries and territories ¢ Voice-guided Gps device for driving, biking, and walking ¢ Transit directions and maps for over 15, 000 villages and metropolitan areas ¢ Live traffic circumstances, incident reports, and computerized rerouting to find the best route ¢ Detailed information on more than 90 million places¢ Street Look at and indoor imagery intended for restaurants, museums, and more.


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