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1 . Executive Overview 1 . 1 Business Innovation Korean Bibimbap, a new cafe that is highlighted by healthy and balanced Korean meals aims to provide white-collar workers with hassle-free service and business amusement under the accompanied by a e-commerce and efficient administration. The main attributes of Korean language Bibimbap is really as follows.? Korean language Bibimbap is placed as a restaurant selling healthier Korean meal sets in an acceptable price.

Nowadays white-collar workers happen to be faced with a dilemma on where to include dinner. On the one hand, despite the cheapness of meals in staff canteen, several white-collar personnel have been fed up with its distastefulness. On the other hand, various white-collar personnel also protest that they can’t afford the food in cafe because of its higher price. Combined with excessive stress and long time of, such a dilemme now has contributed to many health problems in white-collar employees. Based on the analysis on this situation, Korean language Bibimbap provides healthy Korean food in varied rates and an agreeable environment for white-collar workers to take pleasure from.?

Following the trend of ecommerce, Korean Bibimbap will use a electronic program including web page and built-in management system intended for prospect qualifications. Customers can not only come to the real shop for supper but as well place buy through the internet. It warrants to be stated that on the web order service is still at its primary level of creation in Cina.

This system will bring as much ease as possible to consumers in addition to return grow the business of Korean Bibimbap. 2 . Quest and Vission Our initial responsibility is usually to provide just about every customers healthy food choices at a reasonable price and also the pleasure of eating. We all will make sure that all consumer obtains a warm welcome about walking in our restaurant. We all value employee’s active efforts on bringing health as well as pleasure to customers, and spreading proper diet culture to the world.

We wish to join hands to advance and retreat as you with the advancement our cafe. By operating closely, we are able to pave how for a better prospect of our restaurant. 1 . 3 Meals Stucture As its name implies, at the start-up stage the primary food provided in my cafe is Korean Bibimbap sets, varying in variety and price. Korean language Bibimbap will use advanced instruments to prepare and store foodstuff material on large scale without affecting the taste and nourishment of Korean language Bibimbap.

More over, a few special dogs will also be presented as a match to deversification of food. At the enlargement phase, Korean language Bibimbap will certainly add even more food lines to the menu list. 1 . 4 Marketplace Analysis The restaurant marketplace is a competitive market with low entry barriers, where new restaurants emerge swiftly and compete with the existing kinds. Base for the SWOT evaluation, a successful cafe should have the two distinctive foodstuff and top quality service by least. Besides, exposure to lage numbers of cellular population as well accounts for the achievements of some popular restaurant.

To adopt all these into account, Korean Bibimbap decides to on white-collar workers in International Trade Center in Beijing. your five. Management The management staff mainly contains five parts: administrative department, marketing division, human resource division, financial office and purchasing division, each which has it is specific obligations. Periodically, Korean Bibimbap could have personnel schooling, especially for these types of senior managers and gradually establish a complete training program.

At the same time, Korean Bibimbap will certainly strengthen and excellent information management system on distinct levels, so as to facilitate the graceful and successful operation. 1 ) 6 Economical Planning Total investment for the 1st year can be one million, which in turn comprises 0. 7 million from relationships and 0. 3 , 000, 000 of financial loan. At the early stage, Korean Bibimbap must pay frequent interests to investors each month. At the second year, Korean language Bibimbap may have paid off all of the debts and continue to work the business with acculmulated capital.

7. Risk Analysis Key problems may come from the potential pandemic break out, some amazing natural factors, external considerable maligant competition, management risk, financial risk and coverage risk. In order to minimize the negative effects of potential problems and hazards, Korean Bibimbap will have particular training about relevent staff to improve their ability to foresee and avoid risks. 1 ) 8 Conclusion In short, Korean language Bibimbap is actually a restaurant along with healthy food and advanced supervision, targeting around the white-collar staff. With the joint efforts of all staff, Korean Bibimbap will have a good marketplace prospect and further development in the foreseeable future.

2 . Business Description 1 ) General Descriprion of the Organization Korean Bibimbap is a fresh restaurant presented by health and convenience, planning to provide white-collar workers with convenient service and business leisure under the help of web commerce and useful management.? Concentrate on Consumers Generally, white training collar workers is more likely to eat away. For modern white-collar personnel, they lay more focus on both comfort and nourishment. At the same time, fortunately they are curious about unique flavour and attach importance to deliciousness of food.

They also don’t have an excessive amount of economic difficulty, so moderate priced Korean language Bibimbap will not make them be reluctant too much.? Internet site Selection As the target clients of Korean language Bibimbap will be white-collar staff, the location can be finally made a decision as Worldwide Trade Middle, which is called one of the biggest workplace areas.? Top quality Services Each of the staff have to be energetic and enthusiastic young people, who will possess united training course about offering good services and should be considering, if not familiar with, Bibimbap tradition. Various feature services will be offered from your customers going into Korean Bibimbap till their very own departure.

Furthermore, Korean Bibimbap will provide easy online reservation and take-away services. 2 . Industry History As a traditional industry, the restaurant sector has performed important jobs in the economical development. Over the years, the good growth of cafe industry will continue.

You will find two main reasons the following:? Although There are many restaurants in Beijing, how much people eating out is still a tiny proportion in the total population. With the even more development of overall economy, there will be continue to great possibility of new restaurant to win decent profits.? From the perspective of demand, people will attach more importance to diversified, healthy and balanced and top quality food.

These types of demend will certainly contribute to the further development of the restaurant market. In coclusion, the cafe market is a competitive industry with low entry limitations, where new restaurants come out rapidly and compete with the current ones. However , there is even now great space for new eating places as long as workers make work to establish their own features and improve the quality of service. 3. Goals and Potential?

Vission To get health and delight to the universe.? Mission To bring health by giving delicious foodstuff; To bring delight by providing better services.? Main values Healthier Delicacy The first responsibility is to provide every consumers healthy food in a fair price as well as the delight of eating. Consumers First We will make sure that every customer receives a warm welcome on jogging in our cafe. We assess our operate against simply how much satisfaction our consumers comes from our companies.

The satisfactory smile of shoppers will be the best confidence forward. Enthusiasm and Dedication It is the eagerness and devotion of our personnel that keeps each of our restaurant heading and broadening. We benefit employee’s energetic efforts in bringing well being as well as delight to buyers, and on growing healthy diet culture to the universe. Teamwork We would like to join hands to advance and retreat as one with the development of our cafe.

By working closely, we can pave how for a better prospect of the restaurant. four. Uniqueness of Product The distinctive meals of Korean language Bibimbap is featured simply by its diet and ease. On the one hand, Bibimbap is healthy food with low calories, for the main ingredients of Bibimbap happen to be various vegetables. Compared to APPLEBEES and other sort of cuisines, Bibimbap lays even more emphasis on nourishment and health.

According to latest examine, Korean chilli paste can easily stimulate the palate of individuals and in some sense increase the immunity of people. On the other hand, Bibimbap is also a delicious and hassle-free food to become offered at a while. While functioning the business, we will make some component in huge numer in advance and make use of special gear to store these people.

As Korean language Bibimbap turns into stronger, more food series will be added, like Korean language barbecue, for the menu of restaurant.

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