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In order to take on other milkshake shacks on a single beach of the resort, the small shake within my shack costs $5. 00, a moderate shake costs $7. 00, and a huge shake is priced at $10. 00. My shack offers vintage flavors of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, but likewise caters to contemporary tastes with raspberry, main, Oreo mixtures and many other several flavors. I prefer chocolate, strawberry and other flavored syrup to supply the flavor picked by consumers. The data to get milkshake costs is base on the study of existing restaurants, industry reports and research upon expected minimum costs to become incurred in operating the business enterprise.

The cost of components needed to produce milkshakes is definitely shown in table 1 .

Table you Variable and stuck costs to generate milkshakes

Small (8oz. size)Medium (10oz. size)Large (12oz. size)

Variable costs

Whole milk ($15 for any 5 gallon=740oz. )2oz. installment payments on your 5oz. 3oz.

Cream ($20 to get 1 gallon = 128oz. )2oz. installment payments on your 5oz. 3oz.

Sweets ($10 for a 15 pound. bag=30cups)1/4cups 1/2cups3/4cups

Flavored syrup ($13. 5 to get a 96oz. bottle )0. 5oz. 1oz. 1 ) 5oz. Vanilla ice cream ($24 for 600oz. )6oz. 8oz. 10oz.

Whipped cream ($2. 60 for 6th. 5oz. can)0. 15oz. zero. 2oz. zero. 25oz.

Straws 5 Color Contract Straws

0. 05/piece6 Color Flex Straws

0. 06/piece8 Color Flex Straws

0. 08/piece

Glasses 8oz. mugs

zero. 4/piece10oz. cups of

zero. 5/piece12oz. mugs

0. 6/piece

Fixed costs

Shack rental $500/mo

Organization insurance $600/yr Business certificate $25/mo

Milkshake food processors $700 intended for 10 food processors Refrigerator/freezer $500

Shack decoration (tables, counters, chairs, umbrella) $2400 Cleaning and equipment repair fee $150/mo Advertising (sign, banner, flyers) $ 125/mo

The total fixed costs demonstrated in desk 1 are $5075, which can be the amount the proprietor is going to make application for a small business bank loan. This business cash advance assumes (i) a constant interest rate of 6% throughout the amortization period (2 years) and (ii) that interest payments will be made monthly for equally payment types (Principal As well as Interest or Blended). For any $5075 mortgage amount, the monthly payment will probably be $224. 93. The amortization table is shown in table a couple of if the financial loan start date is Scar 2013:

Stand 2: Amount Table Mortgage

MonthYearPaymentInterestBalanceMonthYearPaymentInterestBalance Apr2013199. 5525. 384875. 45Apr2014211. 8613. 072401. 51

May2013200. 5524. 384674. 90May2014212. 9212. 012188. 59

Jun2013201. 5623. 374473. 34Jun2014213. 9910. 941974. 60

Jul2013202. 5622. 374270. 78Jul2014215. 069. 871759. 54

Aug2013203. 5821. 354067. 20Aug2014216. 138. 801543. 41

Sep2013204. 5920. 343862. 61Sep2014217. 217. 721326. 20

Oct2013205. 6219. 313656. 99Oct2014218. 36. 631107. 90

Nov2013206. 6518. 283450. 34Nov2014219. 395. 54888. 51

Dec2013207. 6817. 253242. 66Dec2014220. 494. 44668. 02

Jan2014208. 7216. 213033. 94Jan2015221. 593. 34446. 43

Feb2014209. 7615. 172824. 18Feb2015222. 72. 23223. 73

Mar2014210. 8114. 122613. 37Mar2015223. 731. a hundred and twenty. 00

Besides the variable and stuck costs, as well as the loan payment mentioned above, I also thought two or perhaps employees will probably be hired intended for my shack. Each of them will receive $10/hr and work twenty hours weekly. The total labor costs will probably be $1600 that include taxes and benefits. The other cost for the organization will be the 10% gross sales which will be given to holiday resort where shack located.

installment payments on your Analysis assumptions

In order to finish the Cost-Volume-Profit examination, several presumptions need to be built: 1)The revenue prices intended for milkshakes during my shack happen to be constant and competitive amongst other vendors. The costs of materials happen to be assumed to be the minimum costs to be incurred in working this business. 2)The downgrading periods to get shack adornment (tables, chairs, counters, and umbrellas) will be 3 years, as well as the depreciation times for instruments (blenders, refrigerator and freezer) will be a few years. 3)The business loan is known as a 2 years amount loan; the monthly payment involves both main and curiosity. 4)The mix of milkshakes offered will be: 30% small size, 40% medium size, and 30% plus size.

3. Cost-Volume-Profit analysis

1) Break-Even Analysis

The break-even point is the level of sales at which you can actually profit can be zero. The formula pertaining to the unit revenue to attain break-even point is usually: Unit revenue to break even= Fixed expenses/Unit CM

Based on the data of relative costs presented in part 1, we can get the monthly fixed costs in desk 3, and unit changing costs in table 5.

Table a few Fixed regular monthly expenses

Expenses Sum Notes

Shack rental$500″

Business insurance $50$600/12=$50

Business license$25″

Equipment depreciation

(blenders, refrigerator and freezer)$20$1200/60=$20

Shack adornment depreciation

(tables, seats, counters, and umbrellas)$67$2400/36=$67

Cleaning and maintenance fee$150″

Advertising (banner, signal, flyers)$125″

Loan payment$224. 93Table two

Part-time employees salary$1600″

Total$2761. 93

Desk 4 Product Variable Costs

Expenses Unit priceSmall MediumLarge

Whole milk$0. 02/oz$0. 04$0. 05$0. summer

Cream $0. 16/oz$0. 32$0. 40$0. 48

Sugar $0. 33/cup$0. 08$0. 17$0. 25

Tasting syrup$0. 14/oz$0. 07$0. 14$0. 21

Vanilla ice cream$0. 04/oz$0. 24$0. 32$0. 40

Whipped cream$0. 38/oz$0. 06$0. 08$0. 12

Straws “$0. 05$0. 06$0. ’08

Cups”$0. 40$0. 50$0. 60

Total “$1. 26$1. 72$2. 18

The actual monthly set costs and unit variable costs, we are able to calculate the system CM.

Small (30%)Medium (40%)Large (30%)

Revenue price (a)¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦$5*0. 9=$4. 5$7*0. 9=$6. 3$10*0. 9=$9 Changing expenses per unit (b)¦¦¦¦¦$1. 26$1. 72$2. 18 Product CM (a-b)*percentage¦¦¦¦¦¦0. 9721. 8312. 046

The weighted Product CM for milkshakes will probably be 4. eighty-five (0. 972+1. 831+2. 046). Using the solution for the device sales to get break-even point, my shack will need 570 cups of milkshakes to break-even ($2761. 93/4. 85). Among all from the sales, 171 cups are small size, 228 mugs are method size, and 171 cups are huge. If I offer myself a $3000 salary every month, it will increase the month to month fixed cash flow to 5761. 93 dollars. Hence, Let me need to sell 1188 (5761. 93/4. 85)cups of milkshakes to break-even. Among all in the sales, 356 cups will be small size, 476 cups of are method size, and 356 mugs are huge.

2) The Break-Even Graph and or chart

The relationships among revenue, expense, profit and volume will be illustrated on a cost-volume-profit graph. A CVP graph illustrates CVP human relationships over extensive ranges of activity. If perhaps 570 cups of milkshakes are sold, the total sales following subtracting the 10% to get resort will probably be $3744. 80 (171*5*0. 9+228*7*0. 9+171*10*0. 9). Total variable costs will be $980. forty five (1. 26*171+1. 72*228+2. 18*171). Total set costs will probably be 2761. 93, hence the money is round up to be 0. If 1188 cups of milkshakes can be purchased, the total

sales after subtracting the 10% intended for resort will probably be $7804. 80 (356*5*0. 9+476*7*0. 9+356*10*0. 9). Total varying costs will be $2043. thirty eight (1. 26*356+1. 72*476+2. 18*356). Total set costs will be 5761. 93, hence the net income is also accumulated to be 0. From the product sales and costs data over, the break-even chart with and without user’s salary has in data 1 .

Graph 1 The break even graph and or chart

Via chart 1, we can see the total sales revenue and total expenditure lines in both charts are with same inclines no matter user’s salary is roofed or not really. The only big difference in two graphs is a fixed price line shifts up by $3000 if the owner income is included. Playing also makes the intercept of total sales income and total expense series in the second graph alterations up by $3000. The slopes keep your same. 4. Conclusion

From the CVP examination above, I must sell 570 cups of milkshakes to be able to break-even. Basically quit the task and pay personally $3000 each month to run the shack, 1188 cups of milkshakes need to be sold simply to break-even. There are many factors which will affect my personal decision regarding quitting my job to spread out the shack. One of the greatest areas of working for another individual is protection. Running a shack might deliver me more income during the traveler season, but I also have to take the risk that I will suffer money when it is out of season. Employed by my own business also means I need to give up various other benefits such as a pension or perhaps company presented insurance. They are all the chance cost pertaining to leaving my personal job. When you are a business owner, I would have to earn equal total make sure that funds that has been lost is recovered in almost similar time frame. In order to do so , I will choose keep my own current job and function part-time in the shack. Firstly, it will always be certain I have enough money to pay back the loan for the shack and keep business smooth possibly in the off season. Secondly, I can still make sure the retirement policy for the number of years, which is more financially wise. Last but not the least, by working part time in the shack, I shouldn’t build in all of pay check on fixed expense. Hence, the break-even level will be easier to reach. As well, as another or perhaps employee, I could help cut some labor cost or perhaps generate more sales earnings, in which way makes even more profit to get my organization.

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