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I do think that my own knowledge of method is probably my personal strongest. I believe very comfortable with the level of know-how I have about proper law enforcement procedure. I feel confident i not only figure out basic procedural rules, although also the justification or perhaps reasoning behind those guidelines. Furthermore, I find myself as if my own understanding of the basis for these different procedural guidelines will help me personally easily understand any additional step-by-step rules i will come across on the job.

While I do feel like I have a new strong educational background, you will discover two locations where I feel as I could gain from more education: psychology and human companies. The more I study the psychology of criminals and victims, the more I realize I really do not find out about why perpetrators do things. I am aware that people who align with certain information may be more likely to commit offences, but I am nonetheless very curious about why individuals characteristics help to make one more very likely to commit particular crimes. For instance , I understand that hate offences are most likely to become committed by young, white colored, males, and I wonder about the psychology that produces young men very likely to commit individuals crimes. Is it because older people are more tolerant? Is it since young people are merely generally very likely to engage in lawbreaker behavior than older people? I want to know the answers to prospects questions. I am equally curious about victimology. There are certain those who are at the upper chances of being made their victim than other people, and I i am curious about why is these people prone to crime (Stevens, 2003). I even problem whether contemporary society should change resources far from crime diagnosis and criminal-based crime elimination and concentrate greater methods on victim-based crime elimination. For example , would it not be a better use of community resources to deliver a spousal abuser into a battering involvement and avoidance program or send a great abused other half to counselling? These concerns intertwine with human providers, another place where I feel as if my personal knowledge is definitely insufficient. What resources happen to be out there to help prevent first crimes, decrease recidivism, and reduce re-victimization costs, and how am i able to help direct people to those resources?

I possess very certain goals for my job in felony justice. My personal short-term goals (within 6th months) are to finish my associate’s degree and obtain a great entry-level legal justice position. My mid-term goal (within 3 years) is to finish off the several hours required for a bachelor’s degree, while improving my profession. Initially, I actually believed i would enter the law enforcement officials academy. However , as I include found myself drawn to the areas of psychology and individual services, I think that I can focus my personal career work in these areas. I hope in the first place a job in victim solutions and use what I learn there to shape my career flight. In that position, I intend to: inform patients of their legal rights, help them apply for Crime Victims’ Compensation, give referrals to social service providers, support advocate pertaining to community understanding, and supporter on behalf of subjects (City of Houston, 2013). However , I actually do not have each of the details about the way i am going to attain my job goals. My own ambiguity can be intentional; I wish to see how I believe about working in victim’s solutions before deciding that my personal career path will stay in that region.


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