Virtue Ethics Essay


Virtue integrity is grounded in “character traits”. We all have naturally the potential being moral persons, but we must practice the virtues, to cultivate these people. Ex. a medical doctor ought to cultivate benefits such as: empathy, discernment, dependability, integrity, benevolence and non-malevolence An individual is usually moral not really because of his/her intellectual actions, but due to his/her thoughts and actions. We need to practice virtues – ex. people become good by giving We need to decide: precisely what is the “golden mean” from our individual point of view (ex. coward – courageous – hero)? The positive person must enjoy getting virtuous (ex. not like the main one who avoids stealing because of fear of punishment).

Thus, virtue becomes its reward. It should be performed intended for itself. Virtue ethics concentrates on the type of person we all ought to be, certainly not on particular actions that should be taken. It really is grounded in good figure, motives, and core principles.

The possessor of good personality is and acts meaningful. Virtue Ethics and Stakeholder Analysis Deontology is based on rules Utilitarianism is dependent on consequences Advantage ethics is based on character and motives It examines the motives and character of stakeholders – to see: exactly what the motivations of their approaches, actions, and outcomes? About the corporate scams: virtue ethics explains the motives of some CEOs actions – their avarice, extravagant practices, irrational pondering, and acquisitive character attributes Difficulties

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