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Language: Winds – takes a rotating route “to have many bends and twist” Aches – to hurt with a boring pain “to feel a continuous dull pain” Belch – to burp noisily “to let atmosphere come up noisily from your abdomen and away through your nose” Strummed – to sweep fingers more than a stringed tool “to play a acoustic guitar or related instrument by simply moving your fingers down and up across the strings” Brow – is a person’s forehead “the part of the face above the eye and under the hair” Soaked – being soaked through “to generate something or somebody totally wet” ” ” Hornby, A. S i9000. ed 2010. Oxford Advanced leaner’s Dictionary of Current English.

8th Edition: Oxford University Press My Records: The poem is a free of charge verse you cannot find any punctuation; that describes the anxious thoughts of a teenaged boy who does not know very well what tomorrow will host. The title with the poem includes the words “June 16th. ” This day is a very significant date inside the history of South Africa, as Youth day is usually commemorated and celebrated with this day. This goes back for the time in To the south African throughout the Apartheid program. On Summer 16th 1976 thousands of college students marched inside the streets of Soweto to protest against Bantu education, which limited the level of education to most Southern region Africans.

There were an angry youth crowd fighting against and upset government and this resulted in the authorities killing 200 young people and injuring hundreds more. This poem is usually therefore a great poem since it reflects how a people felt during this time of all time and it also echo where we come from as being a nation and how the junior can play such an important role in changing an entire history of a country. Critical analysis for the poem: A man’s thoughts before Summer the 16th, by Fhazel Johennese. In my experience “A small man’s thoughts before 06 the 16th”, written by Fhazel Johennese is quite a good composition. I must confess I had to read it sometimes before My spouse and i started to figure out it.

Though it is a brief poem, the design is simple plus the writer gets straight to the actual. I understand the fact that poem is all about a young person who is gonna go and fight for his rights in South Africa, nevertheless I feel that he’d rather end up being somewhere else. I like the composition, it is not hard to read and you will feel the thoughts of the youthful boy throughout the words created in the composition. He is troubled about what another day will bring and wants to be considered a normal boy or girl. He longs for his mother and wants to go out with his good friends and this individual knows that he can probably pass away.

In this composition, Fhazel Johennesse is placing himself in somebody else’s shoes (this person realizing that he was likely to die resulting from the march of 06 the 16th). Therefore he could be not the narrator of the poem but rather a character which will result in his death. The poet uses words just like “I, myself and my” which make the poem extremely personal and you could imagine the child going through all the emotions that he is experiencing.

The composition can be seen both as literally and figuratively therefore producing the reader or narrator appreciate how the composition has been referred to. In the exacto sense, anybody in the poem is going to march, “travel on a road” (line 1) in June the 16th. We have a use of stabreim which occurs by the use of the phrase “broad belch of beer” (line 7).

Nevertheless figuratively, the “march” may be the journey, the struggle, against apartheid for the better down the road. The loudspeaker slows the poem straight down when reading it as a result of repeated alliterations, this make the poem full of sadness. Within the last line the poet publishes articles that his sunset can be drenched with red.

This kind of symbolises there is going to become a lot of lives lost and their blood will probably be spilled everywhere we look. The poet uses a lot of literary gadgets in the poem: Firstly the entire poem can be written in small characters. This demonstrates that the person in the poem feels inferior and does not think very of himself.

Also you will discover no punctuation marks employed in the composition, the lines just go as well as on. This emphasises the fact the he can in an on-going struggle that just moves on and on. His thoughts, “his sweet memories of (his) youth” happen to be unstoppable.

He thinks about the top things like his family and friends, despite his trials and tribulations. “The Friday nights…with a broad belch of beer” (alliteration in line 6th and 7) for example , were important to him. His thoughts run on the next collection and maybe loss of life will eventually make his thoughts break. The lines of the composition are extended and because you will discover no punctuation marks in this poem, a single does not find out when to stop because of this. This kind of therefore makes the poem being slow spaced and makes you imagine of a sad song, being sung at funeral service. This emphasises that the composition could be some form of a tribute to one from the young men who have died upon June 16th.

In the poem we as well read about the “my heart aches for my mother…” (line 5) and “sweet memories of my youth” (line 4). This makes me personally think that he must be extremely young and if perhaps he had the selection he would alternatively be somewhere else instead of facing death. Whenever we read a poem like this it makes us appreciate that many people old and young as well have perished to make a difference in S. africa.

On 06 the sixteenth we should remember what a lot of young people was for and gave their lives intended for. In the composition all that the young man would like is for someone to remembers also to tell other folks the story of what happened about June the 16th, to ensure that those of died did not die for nothing. BIBLIOGRAPHY * Hornby, A. H. ed 2010.

Oxford Advanced leaner’s Book of Current English. eighth Edition: Oxford University Press * Techniques for knowing: Fictional, Poetry and Drams, Guide letter EED102G/101/3/2012.

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