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The story of Macbeth is all about Macbeth’s aspirations for electricity, and how he can do anything to obtain that electricity. With the help of his wife and a prediction, given to him by the werewolves, he is becoming an evil monster in a position of doing hideous acts. Do his ambitions to get becoming king make him evil, or is it his actions in pursuit of that electrical power? Macbeth points out his actions by stating, “Fair can be foul, and foul can be fair.  -(Macbeth, Action I, Picture I), he is expressing his confusion about whether his actions are excellent or wicked.

His desire for getting king runs deep, and he sees that murdering can be wrong. However, he is whiling to set besides all of his beliefs and morals to reach his target. He describes himself fantastic dark ambitions by stating: “The Knight in shining armor of Cumberland! That is a put pressure on ¦ that i must fall down, or else o’erleap, for during my way it lies.

Stars, conceal your fires; Let not really light check in with my black and profound desires. The eyewink in the hand; yet let that be that this eye worries, when it is done, to see.  -(Macbeth, Act I, Landscape IV) Macbeth also identifies himself because an evil person stuffed with greed and guilt. He states it’s far too late to choose back right now: “For acquire own very good all causes shall cave in. I ¦ am in blood Stepp’d in so far that, must i wade no longer, Returning had been as boring as move o’er.  -(Macbeth, Work III, Picture IV)

Macbeth had a conscience that informed him from wrong initially but , after some time of self-centered thoughts and selfish functions he dropped himself. Everything that was still left was the guilt and waste that he brought on himself. The start of this was the planning to assassinate the King of Scotland.

Equally Macbeth great wife planed this murder. The one person that pushed Macbeth into eliminating the california king was his wife. She filled his head with thoughts of becoming king and this this very little task was all that was needed. He knew that it was the wrong move to make yet, the concept of becoming ruler overwhelmed him to do it. If this wasn’t pertaining to his selfish thoughts he could have able to escape the King’s life. He ignored the concept of right and wrong and simply started performing what was in the best interest. His best friend Banquo knew relating to this crime that was dedicated but , gone along with it because of his own ambitions. Banquo on the other hand was a good man and stayed loyal to the king. This individual stated to Macbeth, “Thou hast that now: Ruler, Cawdor, Glamis, all, As the odd ¦ females promised, and I fear Thou play’dst most foully for’t;  -(Banquo, Act III, Scene I) Macbeth began to worry that Banquo could say a thing to someone about his crime. So he appointed men to kill his best friend. Macbeth sinks more deeply and deeper into the pit he is digging himself. This individual knows that it’s too late to show back at this point.

By now Macbeth will do anything to survive and it has become less difficult for him to commit evil actions. He features murdered a large number of to get to the position of california king. He features lost the ability to sense proper and wrong. He is becoming twisted and deformed, nasty; as he and so many others place it. Macbeth got got what he had worked for and promised. This individual became california king by eliminating and becoming bad. Sadly, “what goes up must come down with all of his murders it lead someone to become worried about him. Macduff realized that Macbeth had been all these terrible issues and had to put a stop to it. All of Macbeth alternatives lead to his death. Macduff killed Macbeth in order to prevent his cruelty. So was it his actions that made him evil or perhaps was this his strategy? Both of these performed a part in the conquest pertaining to power. He could not begin to see the mistakes he previously made until the very end.


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