The play of romeo and juliet essay

The play of Romeo and Juliet is still very popular today. The themes of affection, feud and tragedy are incredibly interesting making it have a lot of uncertainty, furthermore, this makes the play very fascinating, as it features universal designs. The position of women in contemporary society was different to males. Women were supposed to be obedient, quiet and done what ever a man wants them to. There is a lack of ladies rights, for instance , women weren’t allowed to generate their own choices, about who they can marry.


Although at that time, Britain was reigned over by a female monarch, women had little or no control over the direction with their life. People during this time centred on the traditional patriarchal paradigm that of domination and submitting. The father was the head from the household and rule over his better half and children. This likewise meant that the father would choose his daughters future husband, therefore the father might arrange wedding ceremony. In those days matrimony was a method of inheriting cash and property, shall you this night inherit at my house. Girls were merely a tool intended for whatever a use a guy wanted them for. Major of my work will be on Juliet and how she interacts with the other character types to make the enjoy dramatic intended for the audience.

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Juliet is a youthful, 14 yr old, who is the daughter of Capulet and girl Capulet. She’s an simply child of Capulet, seeing that all of the different children have got passed away, earth hath swallowed all my hopes but your woman. Her social situation means she should certainly behave in a certain method. She should be quiet is to do exactly what her father wants her to. She is likely to marry in respect to her sociable status, whomever the father detects and only if perhaps he feels the man is suitable. In this case, the daddy Capulet offers chosen Paris to marry Juliet, We certainly have wrought therefore worthy a gentleman being her bride?

In action 1 field 3, she learns that her daddy has found a husband on her behalf, think of matrimony now so, just how she acts in act 2 scene 2, is absolutely shocking pertaining to the audience. In act 2 scene a couple of, is when Juliet 1st sees Romeo, it is like at first sight, from this scene the girl behaves very differently. They may be at a celebration, at the Capulets mansion. Romeo loves Juliet from the initially moment he sees her, she falls instantly fond of him. Lines 92-105, if the lovers initially meet, happen to be written just like a sonnet. Sonnet writing was a popular and highly famous activity at Queen Elizabeths court. Furthermore, Romeo even comes close Juliet into a shrine or saint. Faith based imagery works through their particular conversation, profane, faith. Romeo uses religious imagery, he’s trying very hard to show Juliet that it is certainly not lust that he is feeling but love. He is planning to say that he worships the land that Juliet treads on. He uses his terms very carefully to ensure that he would not disrespect or perhaps profane her. Romeos dialect is different via how he spoke previously in the perform. He is even more passionate, loving and caring, my lip area two blushing pilgrims ready stand, rather than upset and angry, which will he had been in previous serves because he was upset in the rejection of Rosalines take pleasure in, sad several hours seem lengthy.

After this field, Juliet begins to question her thoughts. This wounderful woman has found out by nurse that Romeo is actually a Montague, my only appreciate sprung via my just hate, and then she after questions their self about her feelings she gets for Romeo and whether she should certainly tell him, if he will think she behaves like this about all males, or if perhaps thou thinkst I i am too quickly won, even though he can a Montague. Juliet questions why a name will need to matter, things that are in a identity? That which we all call a rose by simply any other word would smell as nice and it is after this that Romeo also conveys his love for her. Also this is linked with one more of the main characters, Friar Lawrence.

He plays an important part in what happens to Romeo and Juliet. Act two scene 3 is where we 1st meet him. In this landscape, Friar Lawrence agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet because he feels their marriage will end the feuding of the Montagues and the Capulets. However , would changing somebody’s and somethings name produce a huge impact? This is simply not likely. Even though if Juliet was discovered, this would include caused a whole lot of upheaval, confusion and sadness, like a Capulet might become a Montague, which will make the family members very unhappy. Juliet is incredibly polite towards her mom, I was here madam, what is your will certainly? however in act 1 scene 3, the girl shows she can be very diplomatic if the girl ever needed to reject whatever, it is an honor I dream not of. On the other hand, Capulet is certain that Juliet is going to obey him, I think she’ll be dominated in all aspects by me, t?i more, My spouse and i doubt it does not, but in act 3 landscape 5 this is not the case.

Foreshadowing is a remarkable technique used by simply Shakespeare, I would the deceive were hitched to her burial plot, ironically, this is spoken by simply her mom about Juliet, as the audience already is aware her fate is death, it is a means of startling, and reminding, them. Moreover, Juliet makes the play very dramatic, for example action 3 landscape 4 is included with dramatic irony, eg even while Capulet programs Juliets relationship, she is eagerly awaiting her husband in her bedroom. This makes the audience feel a lot of postponement, interruption as to what may happen next. It makes them use their judgement on what the characters must do, to question if Romeo and Juliet are directly to do what exactly they are doing, if they are in like or unique wrong, since family honour should come first.

Act three or more scene five begins the morning after their very own wedding. Juliet tries to convince Romeo it is not yet start, and not the perfect time to leave her. To start with he says he must go, but then resolves to state to stay and face get and death, Juliet then reluctantly allows this and so they say their very own good byes. Then the doctor warns the lovers that lady Capulet is coming. As Romeo leaves, Juliets words and so are with vexation. When girl Capulet happens, she instantly mistakes Juliets tears to get Romeo, as grief to get Tybalts fatality. Juliets responds strengthen her mothers mistaken belief, and she threatens vengeance, saying they will have Romeo poisoned in Mantua. Girl Capulet explains to Juliet your woman must get married to Paris on Thursday. Juliet appalled, refuses to do so. Capulet then comes in and faults Juliets tears for sorrow for Tybalts death as well. Capulet lures into a towering rage upon hearing the refusal to marry Rome. He then abuse her and threatens her. This landscape is very important. William shakespeare uses a large amount of dramatic results, the way the characters act as well as the language is additionally very important.

Prior to act 3 scene your five, Capulet can be organising wedding of Juliet and Rome, not knowing that Romeo and Juliet happen to be upstairs in her bedroom. At this point, Shakespeare is using dramatic paradox, to build up the suspense inside the audience, making the next landscape even more dramatic. Also the position of this field is very important, since after this picture Juliet converts to Friar Lawrence for advice upon what to do. But if act several scene your five hadnt possess existed, after that she wouldnt have gone to determine Friar Lawrence and therefore the history wouldnt end the way it can do.

In act 3 picture 5, Romeo and Juliet laugh about death, i want to taken, let me be put to death. Shakespeare makes the enjoy dramatic by putting terms into characters mouths, which in turn later on happen. When the field begins, the two characters talk about birds. It had been the nightingale, it was the lark. The birds could be use to symbolise the situation that they are in, for instance, the lark is said to divide persons, so in this case it would be separating Romeo and Juliet. The lark is described as producing straining tough discords and unpleasing sharps, which could be symbolising what will happen, which is that is upsetting to hear, and which could potentially divide the family. The nightingale is usually described as being agreeable, even though Juliet wants the bird that she hears to be a nightingale, as this kind of represents sweetness, Romeo understands the reality from the situation, that is not sweet in any way.

There is this overwhelming amount of secrets and is placed that in act a few scene 5, it becomes breaking point, and so anger and rage flares, even though the heroes are unaware of what is in fact happening. It really is in this landscape, Capulet discovers that Juliet refuses to get married to Paris, which can be the cause of the massive argument between characters. In the arguments you observe the interpersonal statuses with the characters, for example it is Capulet that said one of the most, it is him that is in order to insult which ever this individual wants, he calls Juliet names, tallow face, young baggage, this can be a mildest slander. The reason for this could be that Capulet feels disappointed or ashamed that his plans have recently been indulged, it could end up being the operating as the patriarch, Capulet is the leader of the relatives, and he’s demanding his daughter to marry Rome but your woman does not desire to. He wants total obedience, quiet and permission. So when ever she does not comply this individual humiliates Juliet, hurdle and threatens her, An you be mine. Capulets terminology is high a lot, this can be to show how upset he could be feeling.

Shakespeare wants the audience to be incredibly shocked at this time, it was absolutely unheard of for any daughter to behave like this. It would have made all the fathers in the enjoy very upset with her. During the disagreement we see that lady Capulet doesnt claim very much. This is due to women were not allowed to because of the patriarchal society they lived in. She does however , make an effort to calm down Capulet, you are very hot, nevertheless she has hardly any effect inside the argument. Following the argument, Juliet asks her mother for sympathy can there be no pity. She also demands her is going to she postpone the marriage, which then Shakespeare uses dramatic paradox, or in the event not, associated with bridal pickup bed in that dim monument exactly where Tybalt is. But Girl Capulet is usually not ready to contradict Capulet, and therefore said, Talk to me not really, for Unwell not speak a word. After this Lady Capulet exists, departing the health professional and Juliet alone. Juliet then tries to get sympathy and advice from the nurse, oh doctor, how shall this be prevented.

Your woman then gets very irritated with the registered nurse, as the nurse stated she should certainly marry Paris, france, I think that best you marry with all the county. Juliet then becomes rude and demanding, like she is choosing her place in the paradigm society because of her social status. The lady then tells the registered nurse to tell lady Capulet that she is going to Friar Lawrence for advice. In the end of take action 3 picture 5, Juliet is left on her personal, she is upset and desires to blame God for what has happened and what is happening, but she will not and instead your woman goes to discover Friar Lawrence. She is deliberately isolated away from other character types. This is made by Shakespeare, to ensure that Juliet goes to Friar Lawrence, who plays a major component in their fate. As Juliet pleads the Friar Lawrence for guidance, he devises a plan to avoid Juliets marriage to Paris. Juliet reports she will whatever it takes to escape the wedding. Friar Lawrence explains that he will give Juliet a potion to create her seem to be dead. She’ll then always be placed in the Capulet burial container, where Romeo will be with her once she awakens to take her to Mantua. However , Romeo hears that Juliet is usually dead, therefore he acquires poison from the apothecary, and said he will kill himself that night inside the tomb with Juliet.

Paris comes to the tomb to lay bouquets and mourn. But his page whistles to warn him someone is coming. Romeo, identified to power open the tomb, dismisses Balthasar in pain of death. Balthasar then plans to stay watching. As Romeo begins to force entry, Paris steps forward to challenge him. Paris tries to arrest Romeo, but is usually slain by him instead. Romeo can be dismayed to look for whom he has killed, decides to grant Pariss dying would like, and lies his body beside Juliets. Romeo drinks the poison. Entering the vault, the Friar finds the dead Romeo and Paris, whilst Juliet begins to awaken. Friar Lawrence, afraid of the finding, leaves the tomb, pleading Juliet to get him. Your woman refuses, and stabs himself because your woman prefers to sign up for Romeo in death. This kind of shows the group that this isnt a simple appreciate story, and raises problem about how love functions when every thing is decided by simply men unable for own women. Also, how can a woman, like Juliet, ever get what she really wanted within a patriarchal contemporary society, where they arent designed to speak.

Juliet dies simply by her personal hand, following she finds out Romeo useless. An important difference in their fatalities, Is that Juliet dies, the actual truth. This kind of puts her in a heroic light. In conclusion, Shakespeare makes Juliets personas very dramatic by using a large amount of dramatic affects. The most frequently used effect is dramatic paradox. Juliet includes a big influence on the audience, because even though the lady had recently shocked the group before with her rebellious behaviour, the audiences last impression of her is usually someone of has had a problematic and helpless your life, who has recently had an inevitable tragic fate of that of death. On the other hand, Juliets character is interpreted in various ways. For example, in Romeo and Juliet (1996), this can be a contemporary view of the perform, and Romeo and Juliet (1968), this really is an old fashioned view of the play, so therefore the character of Juliet results in differently. She’s presented such as a spoilt little girl in Romeo and Juliet (1968).

Alternatively she appears to be a honestly nice person in Romeo and Juliet (1996). How she was presented was effective since even though in act 3 scene 5 she was presented as being disobedient and rebellious, in the end she demonstrated that probably what an individual wants for someone else is just not meant to be. That planning to control every thing can have traumatic affects, a cause a whole lot of trouble and in this case death. In fact this even now happens today.

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