In developing a drug to combat river loss of sight, pharmaceutical business Merck found out an opportunity to treat millions of affected peoples around the world that probably would never observe commercial use. The drug in development, ivermectin, was too expensive to the main victims of river loss of sight, Third World individuals. Thus, Dr . Vagelos, your head of exploration at the time, treaded upon a ethical bottom; he can either tend to scrap the drug and its further study or this individual could use millions more on a medication destined intended for financial inability. In accordance with Merck’s company direction at the time, Dr . Vagelos understood that the purpose of the company was to serve people and that earnings result from the fulfillment on this primary goal.

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As such, Doctor Vagelos not only pushed for further research within the drug, although decided if he became CEO to offer the medicine, now Mectizan, for free to all or any affected individuals. Dr . Vagelos decision fulfills all four of Fleming’s principles of ethics. In general, his decision reflects Fleming’s definition of values, which is a standpoint from which every persons include a special dignity or really worth. The selection to make the medicine available for cost-free is utilitarian, as the number of affected individuals worldwide greatly outweigh the number of in a negative way impacted stockholders. In doing so , Dr . Vagelos choice as well illustrates his belief that people are entitled to the best of humane treatment simply by others.

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Similarly, his decision reveals every single person’s responsibility to protect and be sure these rights. Dr . Vagelos decision is also just and fair, in that all users of a group (in this situatio, the human race) are to be cared for with the same benefits.

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