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“To reveal fine art and hide the artist is art’s aim”

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Preamble – Oscar Wilde

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“Those who find gorgeous meanings in beautiful things are the developed. For these there may be hope. ”

Preface – Oscar Schwanzgeile

“The nineteenth 100 years dislike of Realism is a rage of Caliban discovering his very own face within a glass. ”

Preface -Oscar Wilde

“Those who go beneath the surface do this at all their peril. ”

Preface – Oscar Schwule

“All art is fairly useless”

Preamble – Oscar Wilde

“As extended as I live the personality of Dorian Gray will dominate me”

Chapter 1 – Tulsi

“All the candour of children was right now there as well as almost all youth’s keen purity”

Section 2 – Narrator

“For that – for the – we would give everything! I would give my soul for that! ”

Chapter 2 – Dorian Gray

“well when you are dry you will be varnished and framed and sent residence.

Then you can perform what you like with yourself. ”

Section 2 – Basil

“white chastity of boyhood”

Chapter three or more – Narrator

“There was nothing at all that one could not do with him.

He coukd be made a Titan or possibly a toy”

Part 3 – Narrator

“He would seek to dominate him. ” (Lord Henry)

Chapter a few – Narrator

“My friends were bored. I had been bored. ”

Chapter six – Dorian Gray

“You accustomed to stir my personal imagination. You now don’t even stir my own curiosity. You merely produce simply no effect. ”

Chapter several – Dorian Gray

“It was a novel without a plot. ”

Chapter 12 – Narrator

“It was a dangerous book”

Chapter 10 – Narrator

“I failed to say we liked that Harry. I actually said this fascinated me. ”

Phase 10 – Dorian Gray

“Dorian Gray could hardly free himself from the impact of this publication. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to talk about that this individual never desired to totally free himself from it. ”

Chapter 10 – Narrator

“It was with an almost cruel joy – that this individual used to browse the latter in the event the book”

Chapter 11 – Narrator

“His simple presence appeared to recall to them the memory of the innocence that they had ruined. ”

Chapter 11 – Narrator

“He gre more and more enamoured of his own natural beauty, more and more considering the data corruption of his own soul. ”

Part 11 – Narrator

“She is incredibly clever, also clever for a woman. ” (about The Duchess)

Section 15 – Lord Henry

“To cure the soul by means of the senses and the feelings by means of the soul”

Part 16 – Lord Holly

“the memory of old sins could be demolished by the madness of sins that were fresh. ”

Phase 16 – Narrator

“Ugliness was the one reality”

Chapter 16 – Narrator

“Memory like a horrible malady was eating his soul away” (Dorian)

Chapter 16 – Narrator

“He wanted to escape from himself” (Dorian)

Chapter 18 – Narrator

“Make your tranquility with Our god, for tonight you are going to die. ”

Part 16 – James Vane

“They say this individual has sold himself towards the devil for a pretty face. ”

Chapter sixteen – Randomly woman

“I feel that it is better to get beautiful than to be good”

Chapter 18 – God Henry

“To specify is to limit”

Chapter seventeen – Lord Henry

“sick which has a wild fear of dying” (Dorian)

Section 18 – Narrator

“The mask of children had saved him”

Part 18 – Narrator

“dragging a boy after these people into the sun rays. He turned away in horror. ”

Chapter 18 – Narrator

“Death walked generally there in the sunlight”

Chapter 18 – Narrator

“A cry of joy pennyless from his lips” (Dorian)

Chapter 18 – Narrator

“I have done way too many dreadful things in my life. My spouse and i am not going to do anymore”

Chapter 19 – Dorian Gray

“Suddenly, We determined to leave her as flower-like?nternet site had found her”

Phase 19 – Dorian Gray

“the emotion should have given you a thrill of real satisfaction Dorian”

Phase 19 – Lord Henry

“I want to be better. I am going to be better. ”

Section 19 – Dorian Gray

“Death is the only thing that terrifies me personally. I hate it. ”

Chapter 19 – Dorian Gray

“You and i also will always be friends. ”

Part 19 – Lord Henry

“Yet you poisoned me having a book when. ”

Chapter 19 – Dorian Greyish

“Poisoned by a book. There is no this kind of thing as that. Artwork has no affect upon action. ”

Part 19 – Lord Holly

“The book the world cell phone calls immoral are the books that show the world its shame”

Part 19 – Lord Henry

“wicked people were usually very aged and very unattractive. ”

Part 20 – Hetty

“He experienced tarnished him self filled his mind with corruption and given him horror to his fancy”

Chapter 20 – Narrator

“It was beauty that acquired ruined him”

Chapter twenty – Narrator

“Youth had rotten him”

Phase 20 – Narrator

“Basil had painted the portrait that had marred his life. He could hardly forgive him that. It was the family portrait that had done everything”

Chapter 20 – Narrator

“Once it had presented him delight to watch this changing and growing old”

Chapter 20 – Narrator

“Its had been like conscience to him. Yes it had been notion. He would eliminate it. ”

Chapter twenty – Narrator

“There is no this kind of thing as being a moral or perhaps immoral book”

Preface – Oscar Schwanzgeile

“I have place too much of personally into it”

Chapter one particular – Basil

“We shall almost all suffer so that the gods have offered us, go through terribly”

Section 1 – Basil

“I daresay but in some manner it seems to create a great deal of romantic endeavors into their life”

Chapter 1 – Basil

“Rich smell of roses”

Chapter one particular – Narrator

“It was merely inevitable”

Phase 1 – Basil

“He is completely necessary to me”

Chapter one particular – Basil

“An artist ought to create beautiful things, but should put nothing of his individual life in to them. All of us live in a great age the moment men take care of art as though it were meant to be a form of autobiography. We have lost the abstract sense of beauty”

Chapter 1 – Basil

“Don’t mess up him”

Chapter 1 – Basil

“Every instinct that we try to strangle broodes in the brain, and toxin us”

Phase 2 – Lord Holly

“The only method to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it”

Part 2 – Lord Holly

“You have the most marvellous youth and youth is the simply thing worth having”

Section 2 – Lord Henry

“Time is envious of both you and wars against your lilies and your roses”

Chapter a couple of – Head of the family Henry

“A fresh Hedonism – that is what our century wants”

Part 2 – Lord Holly

“A sharp pang of soreness struck through him such as a knife”

Phase 2 – Narrator

“I i am jealous in the portrait you may have painted of me”

Phase 2 – Dorian Gray

“I trust you”

“I wish i really could trust myself”

Chapter two -Dorian Gray/Lord Henry

“to influence a person is to give him their own soul”

Chapter two – Master Henry

“He is some zombie-like, beautiful creature”

Chapter you – Lord Henry

“All effect is immoral”

Chapter two – Master Henry

“Time is usually jealous of you, and wars against your lilies and your roses”

Chapter a couple of – Lord Henry

“it is merely his wife”

Chapter three or more – Woman Henry

“I constantly hear Harry’s views via his good friends. It is the only way my spouse and i get to know of these. ”

Chapter 4 – Lady Henry

“Men marry as they are tired; females, because they are wondering: both are a disappointment”

Section 4 – Lord Henry

“no woman is a genius. Women are a attractive sex”

Section 4 – Lord Holly

“little flower like face, a little Greek mind with plaited coils of dark-brown hair” and “lips the petal of a rose” (Sybil Vane)

Chapter 5 – Dorian Gray

“Ordinary ladies never charm to a person’s imagination”

Section 4 – Lord Holly

“You have a curious impact over me”

Chapter 5 – Dorian Gray

“The jew wanted to tell me her history, but i actually said it did not curiosity me”

Section 4 – Dorian Greyish

“if this man is rich, there is no reason why she should never contract a great alliance with him”

Section 5 – Sybil Vane’s mother

“it would be absurd to get him to marry so much beneath him”

Chapter six – Master Henry

“the pure touch of Sybil Vane’s hand makes me neglect you and all your wrong, interesting, poisonous, delightful theories”

Section 6 – Dorian Dreary

“You will always with this problem Dorian”

Part 6 – Lord Henry

“Her body influenced, as a flower sways in the water…. The curves of the lily”

Chapter 7 – Narrator

“Love can be described as more fantastic thing than Art”

Phase 7 – Basil

“She flung herself in his ft, and place there like a trampled flower”

Chapter 7 – Narrator

“there was a touch of cruelty in the mouth”

Chapter six – Narrator

“He would not find Lord Holly anymore – would not at any rate listen to these subtle toxic theories”

Chapter 7 – Narrator

“Simply like a wonderful stopping to a amazing play. It includes all the awful beauty of a Greek tragedy”

Chapter eight – Master Henry

“The girl never really lives, and so the girl never really died”

Chapter eight – Lord Henry

“It is a huge marvelous experience” (loving Sybil Vane)

Part 8 – Dorian Greyish

“He would not believe any more of what the lady had manufactured him get through”

Chapter 8 – Narrator

“The face was to carry the burden of his disgrace: that was all”

Part 8 – Narrator

“there might be a real pleasure in watching it” (watching the face transform)

Chapter 8 – Narrator

“”Your good friends seem to shed all sense of honor, of amazing benefits, of purity. You have loaded them with a madness pertaining to pleasure. ”

Chapter 12 – Tulsi

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