Teenage suicide is definitely an increasing sensation in Bangladesh. Data concerning teen committing suicide is quite too little for Bangladesh perspective, still from even more studying it had been found out that psychologists have got identified the teenage years as one of the toughest phases of human existence. It is as being a time to get pleasure from friendship and perform other pursuits that adults would not generally do, even now sometimes period cause teenagers a large amount of stress. Many changes in the human mind take place during this time period of life. To some, loss of life may be an unknown idea and result in a superb sense of worry. Others may acknowledge death and suicide via watching news reports or perhaps from browsing a story depicting a suicidal figure. Awareness and proper raising a child regarding committing suicide, will help the youth in order to avoid themselves by committing committing suicide.

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Research Queries:

During my research We tried to identify the following factors regarding the simple fact “suicide” and it is also important to say that these inquiries were designed to find out suicidal facts in Bangladesh:

  • Precisely what is the view of today’s youth towards the trend “suicide”?
  • Precisely what is the percentage of modern-day youth that have actually experienced a stage where they will thought about assigning suicide?
  • Precisely what are the reasons that they thought was appropriate enough to think about or to actually make an effort committing committing suicide.
  • What ways happen to be compelling for the junior to dedicate suicide?
  • Does a suicidal person think rationally, or can it be just a rash decision?
  • At which part of life does a person think about doing suicide?
  • Exactly what the alternatives for doing suicide?
  • Hypothesis:

    Almost 80 percent of present youth in Bangladesh possess actually gone through a stage where they will thought about doing suicide. Likewise the main reason to get youth to take into account committing suicide is having relationship problems with their very own close types.

    Please be advised that, that the people in the age bracket 18 ” 25 are very vulnerable. At this young age people are more prone towards taking allergy decisions without thinking forward. At this young age people are powered by thoughts. So it is quite normal to enable them to think about carrying out suicide in the event that any sort of complicated problem happens.

    Likewise in my analysis paper I would really prefer to find out why youths in Bangladesh are definitely more prone toward committing suicide, also I would really like to show several solutions with this problem.

    Research Methodology:

    For my own primary research I will execute a review of a representative of the general persons in Dhaka including students of NSU. I will also prepare a set of customer survey with different types of concerns so that I can get a variety of useful info to answer my own research concerns. I will as well try to carry out interviews with 1 or 2 people who have attempted doing suicide.

    For my own secondary study, I will work with internet and use standard search engines just like, Google.


    My personal paper will probably be divided into several sections, the main which are the intro, background, data presentation-analysis and summary of findings. Within the sections my own organization will be based on my study questions.

    Time Table:

    I hope to complete my personal primary supplementary research and submit the draft copy of my own research conventional paper on thanks time.

    Ask for Approval:

    I hereby, request the approval pertaining to my analysis proposal. If you want me to change or improve my proposal, I will post it following incorporating the mandatory changes. I would be grateful for your advice that help, also in conducting my personal research and completing the project.

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