Important occasions in the Municipal Rights Motion that happened between 1942 and 1961, like an document that was written in the Washington Content (may 18 1961 ), and the Wayne Zwerg episode and an additional things that happened had been things like is located in (or lunch ins) boycotts against public transportation and, several peaceful protests. The liberty riders were peaceful protestors, Most of the events that occurred where inside the south where there was still a lot of elegance, inequality and segregation.


Thus when the liberty riders had been created persons thought these people were instigators because the freedom riders were trying to change the way the people in the south were living.

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A lot of events occurred during the time frame 1942 to 61, and most of them showed how they were relaxing protestors The Freedom riders are not instigators of peace, these were just people fighting so that believe was right the freedom Riders were taking a stand, and had been sought out while instigators of violence because they were changing the way people used to live.

An content article in washington content on May sixteen talks about just how Alabama telephone calls itself the “heart of dixie which is a saying pertaining to places that so amazing advantages and hospitality, the writer for this document is saying just how can Alabama have the title of “heart of Dixie if it is not fulfilling the mention the product and has been given. The writer goes on to say that “The freedom cyclists engaged in zero disorderly conduct and did nothing to induce violence-save to exercise a constitutional right. , the writer is saying that the Independence Riders have never done anything at all wrong and still have not provoked violence intensensionally.

More proof showing the Freedom Riders were not instigators of physical violence is a declaration made to the Department of Justice simply by Robert N. Kennedy on May 24, 61 saying that besides the “Freedom Riders there was people seeking their own desired goals like fascination seekers and publicity searchers. those people will act like Freedom Riders but have their own goal in mind that is certainly what induced the Freedom Cyclists to be seen while instigators of violence, the moment in fact we were holding peaceful protestors.

The ‘ Freedom Riders were peaceful protesters and the transcript of an interview of a Freedom Rider Busted in Knutson, Mississippi you will observe how there have been peaceful and exactly how they were cured wrong. This kind of Freedom Rider talks about how when blacks were received from down through the north to south these people were greatly bothered. When this kind of Freedom Rider was being listed into the Hinds County Penitentiary one of the guards hold him said ” One thing you got to remember is usually while you’re below, this is Mississippi and if certainly one of my protects says everything to you, you answer ‘yes, sir, not any, sir. do you really understand,  the Freedom Driver could have stated something returning to the to guard and was up for himself but this individual did not he kept peaceful and peaceful showing having been not an instigator or provoker of physical violence. More evidence can be found in a the Beloit Magazine drafted in spring of 1989. in this mag there is a peice about among the Freedom Ride’s for Wayne Zwerg. This article takes about just how he was assaulted, beaten near death.

Zwerg was assault by multiple men and was given simply no prompt medical assistance, He was subconscious in Montgomery Hospital for 2 and a half times, James Zwerg goes on to say that he would have likely been lifeless if somebody did not interfere and shield him. This kind of shows that the liberty Riders were peaceful protesters because he could have fought as well as had a combat chance, but he select not to demonstrating that they had been peace Several may admit the Freedom Cyclists were not peaceful protesters, may well say that rather the Freedom Cyclists were Instigators Of physical violence instead.

The Freedom Riders recognized what they had been getting into, when they tried to change the ways of the folks living in the south, and in addition they should have likely to receive elegance and harassment. In the Nyc Times ( a Newspaper) there was a peice entitled sight on the award written about June, next 1961, there is an article that basically says that the Flexibility Riders make began to provoke violence, and should stop since they have manufactured their level but , that may be invalid mainly because in the whole picture the Freedom Cyclists ere Tranquil protesters, the Freedom Riders would not finish producing their level, yes that they knew the journey of actually finding peace would be hard they had to produce a change. That is why the Freedom Riders were peaceful protesters. The Freedom Motorcyclists were over a journey of finding peaceful in the us, and there was a lot of incidents, but also for them the incidents had been worth it. The liberty Riders were peaceful protesters because there were so many opportunities that they would have retaliated nevertheless they chose not to, rather the liberty Riders tend to keep the peacefulness to the best of their talents, and that is why these people were peaceful protestors.


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