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Among the fast increasing business in Manila, and most Community cities across the country, is the water refilling place. It’s mushrooming on every avenue corner, as a lot of persons in cities prefer to get their drinking water from these drinking water stations, really simply expending safe to imbibe. Over the years, because the demand intended for cleaner drinking water becomes larger, the price of home water purifiers and bottled water has become prohibitive. Water stocking stations maintained by personal entrepreneurs provide a cheaper and even more convenient solution to the public’s drinking water needs than water in bottles or the use of household filtration.

Water Refilling Station



Purified water is drinking water from virtually any source that is certainly physically processed to remove it is impurities. Distilled water and de-ionized water has been the most usual forms of filtered water. Normal water can also be purified by various other processes like reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, microfiltration, super filtration, ultraviolet (uv) oxidation, electronica dialysis and/or etc .

Mineral water can be water that contains minerals or perhaps other dissolved substances that alter it is taste or perhaps give it therapeutic value, generally obtained from a naturally occurring vitamin spring or source. Mixed substances inside the water might include various debris and sulfur compounds. The greater minerals in drinking water, the harder may be to be; drinking water with handful of minerals is definitely described as being soft. Unadulterated water is usually water taht has a lot of of it is impurities eliminated through distillation. Distillation requires boiling water and then distilling the vapor into a clean container. A couple of years ago, there were only a few drinking water refilling crops here in Cagayan De Dinero City.

Individuals are that are still popular to the public like Characteristics Spring and Wilkins. Wilkins was among those who did not do a realistic alternative on capitalizing on their market superiority. Contrary to Nature Spring who feels like un-formidable in the market today having big purchases of large firms. The Cagay-anons realized the requirement for this necessity, entrepreneurs put in on it aiming to get a humble share with the market and looking for different sorts of cracks and niches in the market. This was the start of a very competitive and very hostile marketing and business war, what type could relate to it as being a never ending dog battle. As more people entered the industry, the more competitive it has commenced. Currently, in line with the only jug supplier within Cagayan Sobre Oro, there are already a lot more than 100 normal water refilling firms here in Cagayan De Denaro alone. One of the early folks who ventures with this great… Simple Feasibility Analyze

A. Capital Investment

1 . Water Refilling Machine – P two hundred and fifty, 000. 00

2 . Renovation or perhaps new retail store at least 20sqm size – seventy five, 000. 00

three or more. Delivery automobile (motorcycle with carrier or multi-cab) – 75, 500. 00 four. Business grant & different legal paperwork (DTI, Mayor’s permit, Normal water testing, etc . ) – 10, 1000. 00 a few. Initial Supplies /miscellaneous – 31, 750. 00

a) 150 Bottles slim – 18, 750. 00

b) 50 Bottles round – several, 500. 00

c) heat gun- 2, five-hundred. 00

d) Decals – 3, 000. 00

six. Others – 8, 250. 00

Total sama dengan P 400.00, 000. 00

Be aware: Actual purchase may improved or decreased depends on your actual assets, example:

a. ) fewer amount to get the delivery vehicle if you already have existing or you can buy 2nd product. b. ) less sum for your local store building if you have existing. c. ) increase or reduce amount upon refilling gear, depends on what kind of water item you wants to sell ( e. g. Mineral is merely P150, 500. 00 and so forth ) B. Sales Income

Check market price per your five gal. container. Price may vary depends on the area what type of water product you wish to sell:

Mineral Water – P20 ~ P25 per textbox

Purified Water – P30 ~ P35 per container

Alkaline Drinking water – P45 ~ P50 per box

PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY Water – P200 ~ P250 every container

B1. Monthly Sales – P39, 1000. 00

INITIAL 2 Weeks: Target reaches least 60 containers /day (50 pots x P30. 00 value x 26days) B2. Month-to-month Expenses – P15, six hundred. 00

1 . Manpower/salaries – P 500/ day or P being unfaithful, 100. 00 /mo.

1 new driver – P200 /day

1 re-filler – P150 /day

2 . Electric power bill – P3, five-hundred. 00

3. Phone bill – 500. 00

some. Transportation / gas allowance – you, 500. 00

five. Consumables while others – you, 000. 00

B3. Net Profit- P23, four hundred. 00 (Gross Sales – Gross bills = Net Profit) Take note: You cannot compute your month to month sales centered from your equipment capacity (GPD Gallon Every Day) just like other vendor’s computation, mainly because you cannot offered 200 containers a day in the first a couple of months procedure of your business unless if you’re already working for a season and you previously established your clients in your area.

Executive Summary

This study includes the proposed system of Ideal Blue Drinking water Refilling Train station. Since the organization started, the proponents pointed out that the company is using manual based operation towards their particular inventory and point of sale. Generally pertaining to the untimely control of their info and info reliability which is a concern in terms of the digesting of their existing system.

POS and Inventory system of Ideal Blue Water Refilling Place was designed by the proponents to solve some issues of day to transaction by using the old way or the manual system. Love to avoid redundancy, damage of saved files when some liquid leaks on it, plus some other challenges brought by man error.

It will be easy for the personnel to keep and obtain data in times of adding some detail towards the customer’s accounts or as needed. Manual looking and deciphering of files will no longer essential for it will just cause postpone in transaction and hold off in being released in of sales every day product sales.

The proponents have presented tables, statistics and plan for formal understanding and proper justification about the proposed program. It will guide the owner and the other readers about the flow from the said system. It also displays how big income the owner can have.

Chapter I actually


1 . one particular Project Contex

The Best Blue water refilling train station will experience a new way of recording their sales, simple to operate and exact. They will merely encode all their sales, this way the company will improve and it will not make them spend more time in searching and saving files. The knowledge is retrievable anytime plus the owner and employees will benefit from this.

1 . two Purpose & Description

The proposed system is targeted on how to reduce the calculating time, removethe manual process and avoid computational mistakes. Search the user’s record simply by encoding the entire name (last name, 1st name).

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