what is a great alcoholics unknown meeting like


Excerpt by Case Study:

Alcoholics Confidential meeting: The spring 17, by 6: 35 to 7: 30 S. M. In Paso Robles, California.

Up to today had contacted the leader in the AA conference to see if I possibly could get agreement to attend a session. He pondered if I is at the multimedia, and I informed him it was for a school class; and after he described that anything is wide open for conversation in these group meetings he made clear that I had not been to use any kind of real names in my report. I agreed and here is exactly what happened too meeting.

As I approached the meeting place – in the back of a small selling building on a busy street near the downtown area – a lot of men and a woman were smoking cigarettes outside of the building and greeted myself with “hi. ” There were an outside lung burning ash tray crammed full of cigarette butts, although no cigarette butts had been on the ground. I was a few minutes early on so I chatted with two of the members, who were ingesting black coffee. “There’s a huge coffee pot inside if you would like a glass, ” stated a man which has a tiny body, shaky hands, and a face that had severe scars and wrinkles. “But there’s no smoking cigarettes inside, inch he added. “California laws and regulations, you know. inches

Inside there have been steel flip-style chairs placed in a large group in the middle of the large room. There was five high windows on each of your side in the room, but curtains protected them thus very little outside the house light was available. It absolutely was April, plus the sun didn’t set right up until well after seven o’clock, but the inside lights were adequate. Lamps were put into the limit corners, not really bright highlights but better lights that illuminated the space but don’t blast individuals with excessive light. The location smelled of coffee and cigarettes. There were a little mini-kitchen with an old-fashioned and large coffee maker (drip kind); paper cups and sugar and powered creamer were obtainable and I discovered quite a untidy counter top while the individuals didn’t clean up after the offered themselves espresso. It smelled of cigarettes since that smell clings to clothing, and simply about everyone smoked. I actually counted 11 people, plus the leader.

THREE: There were 9 people (not counting me and the leader) in the room at the beginning, all sitting including the head, Greg, powerfully built African-American Vietnam veteran. There were three women, sitting together. 1 was likely in her 60s, which has a nervous tick that made her mind twitch the moment she spoken. Another woman was more like thirty-something, a really attractive brunette with excessive makeup and tight-fitting jeans and a beautiful blue jumper that displayed her physique. The third girl was quite overweight with straggly frizzy hair and spots prominent on her face. She was almost certainly in her 40s. The boys varied via working category to midsection class; 3 working course members had been Latino, an additional member was probably Middle Eastern, other men were Caucasian. The Latino had tattoos fully covering his arms and he needed them noticed because he became popular his clothes and had a sleeveless t-shirt underneath. Two of the Caucasians wore good clothes (slacks and outfit shirts) like they had come from an office job. The group was friendly; they all recognized each other, and engaged in tiny talk when the leader wasn’t calling for their particular attention. This did not include a grim meeting in any way; there was frivolity and obviously alcoholics drink a whole lot of coffee and have cigarette habits. Halfway through the meeting another man, the twelfth person, showed up, probably in his early 30s wearing an Oakland Raiders hoodie with a Raiders cap positioned backwards in the head. Having been chewing cigarettes and had a can subsequent to his chair – into which in turn he would spit every few minutes. No-one seemed to care about this uncouth habit. He was