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Indeed, in her discussions with Wickham, Elizabeth was extremely superficial, appreciating him because of his pleasant good manners and positive attitude toward her, and omitting any other considerations: “Elizabeth honoured him for this kind of feelings, and thought him handsomer than ever before as he portrayed them. “(Austen, 36) Elizabeth had been certainly wrong in her viewpoints of both equally Darcy and Wickham, yet had been right about the other gentleman who proposed to her, Mr. Collins. Her match with Collins would have helped the family’s situation as he was designed to inherit their home after Mr. Bennet’s fatality, but At the dismisses the proposal instantly, being asked that not of them could have been content and that it will be a mistake: “You could not generate _me_ content, and I i am convinced which i am the past woman on the globe who will make you thus. “(Austen, 89) in this instance, Elizabeth applies to her individual feelings and unprejudiced. The girl with witty as usual, but genuine and your woman demonstrates that she features marrying to get love. This version of Elizabeth may be identified in many other symptoms, but in none of them where Darcy is also included. Although she’s not prejudiced, she is continue to proud however and refuses to marry Collins also as they emphasizes that he is performing her a favor, as Darcy will do later. The ultimate stage of her alteration begins when she is for Pemberly, and she sees Darcy once again with the reassurance that she has misjudged him awfully. Meanwhile, the girl had also available out that he had been the secret patrocinador of Lydia and Wickham by giving Wickham enough cash to persuade him to marry Elizabeth’s sister. When the servant in Pemberly discusses Darcy’s character and good temper and sets him in an bienveillant light, At the realizes much more her past blindness. The servant stresses that the girl does not understand a woman good enough to marry Darcy, and Lizzy begins to see Darcy for what he could be: “I do not know who is sufficient for him. “(Austen, 178) the previous worries between them that have been created by way of a vanity, similar to the instance of the ball when Darcy refuses to dance with Lizzy or that at Netherfield, when the lady refuses to party with him, are changed into a profound embarrassment in their meeting in Pemberly. Once they have put aside their vanities and bias, they can set out to like each other. Thus, At the and Darcy undergo significant transformations inside the novel, and find out how to put aside pride and prepossession if they judge other people. The greatest gain is the fact that they learn to take pleasure in each other rather than loving simply their own selves.

Works Mentioned

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