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During the film Billy Budd, the captain of the dispatch had a hard decision more than Billys scenario. As Billy killed the master in arms because of that he couldnt control himself, legislation of the deliver stipulated that he would become hanged. Later on there is a large discussion involving the leaders with the ship where some of them claim to follow the guidelines, whereas various other belief to complete an exception. At the conclusion the one in control of the decision was your captain, who also chose to suspend Billy. In this essay, I would personally take the position of the captain over Billys case and state through which law I will base my decision.

Following looking cautiously to Billys case, I might chose to free of charge Billy in the punishment that he had recently been subjected. Set up ships rules stipulated plainly that anyone who killed an additional crew member would be hanged, no things what is the problem, I will continue to chose to free Billy. I would take this decision based on the utilitarianism rules. Even though if we compared to this law Billys clinging would be known as the right alternative. Although I actually belief that every case a new situation which can vary the effect.

Therefore I will tilt to free Billy, due i know his situation and I think would be unjust to kill him. Alternatively, Billys condition is more delicate and rigid if we basic our decision in the widespread law instead of utilitarianism regulation. From this guideline it can be stated that if we allow this sailor kill an over-all with no hanging, as the rule established. Then I may not want to reside a world where any sailor can destroy his managers. Hence your best option would be to suspend Billy to prevent this world exactly where any sailor can eliminate any general and risk my life since the captain of this deliver.

During the history it can be noticed how does Billy is a nice man who may be sincere and good staff member. The captain had a very good photo from Billy, to the point that he could be doubtless about hanging or not Billy. In the picture where Billy kills difficulties in hands, it can be viewed how does this individual punches in his face. Though what killed the major was when he hits his brain with the ground, so it can been seen that might not be a purpose loss of life. Hence, situations of Billys case are very delicate to sentence to hold him. Even though from this scene it can be noticed how Billys does your punches the major in arms right to his confront.

After functioning from the general law, the captain need to end this process and never let various other sailor to accomplish the same actions that Billy just did. Then it can be consider that Billy performed kill goal, due that he punches the major in arms even if it wasnt self-defense. And so the captain may well not consider virtually any exterior conditions of this actions and decided to hang Billy in order to avoid virtually any major problem within the ship. Ethics is a very complicated issue that is hard to interpret, a lot more when we need to judge if an action is right or wrong.

From this particular movie it is usually seen how exactly does Billys circumstance is highly discussed, although at the end the chief is the individual who chose. The captain from the movie chose to hang Billy, due that he basic his thought in the common law to prevent major problems. Whereas myself as the captain I would consider the problem of the action and base my decision in utilitarianism law, exactly where I would end to free Billy. I would personally be more adaptable due the fact that universal rule is to standard, where sometimes it can been found unfair because not always the situation may be the same.

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