mark twain the five boons of life


Draw Twain, Brief Story

Mark Twain’s, “The Five Boons of Life” is a very interesting short account in which life gifts are offered to a person, describing the end results each choice has on his life and where all those choices led the man. I was intrigued simply by how often the fairy aware the man to decide on wisely as well as the description of her effect after the person chose a gift idea. I also found the comes from each surprise interesting. The man chose delight and ended up being disappointed and empty. The person then decided to go with love, again being left with nothing after his better half died. After choosing popularity, the man experienced years if he was praised, envied and hated then was slandered, mocked and left with nothing at all. The gift of prosperity had the contrary effect over time, landing him in low income. When the fairy returned, the lady brought with her the four presents of pleasure, love, fame and wealth although no longer had the fifth present to offer, which will she acquired expressed every along since the one with the most worth. The present had been given into a child who also asked the fairy to choose the best gift idea for it. At this point the man would need to remain in his state with nothing without one to display for himself and the years he lived, until he eventually died. Death had not been an option or perhaps answer to his wishes.


“The Five Boons of Life” was written by Mark Twain during the Realistic look period. Realism coincided together with the Romantic period. Realism, nevertheless , rejected idealism and aimed at solving true to life problems, centering on real people and their everyday lives dealing with low income, hunger, assault and other tough topics. Other core concerns in that time period included growth of an disposition, industrialization and urbanization. Realism is often regarded as a revolutionary motion where ordinary people and simplistic views were represented, which were often goods of everyday your life experiences and senses. Charles Darwin fantastic theories about evolution and organic types helped gasoline the move in considering from faith based to medical proof. Draw Twain dedicated to rich versus poor, prosperity vs poverty, love as opposed to solidarity. Every gift the person in the brief story was handed had the adverse influence on him in the long run. Each present offered immediate gratification plus the feeling of electrical power, joy, and excitement. And gift remaining the man seeking more. During the period of Realism, creators such as Indicate Twain, targeted their producing on how real people were impacted by the sociable, economic, technical and personal changes that have been rapidly effecting the world they will knew at the time. Mark Twain was no stranger to the hard times of lifestyle. Early in the life this individual lost his father, were required to leave college and start working. While he grew to love working away at steamboats around the Mississippi, when the Civil War started, this individual found him self traveling western to attempt exploration. All the while, writing about his encounters and his look at of the world.

Mark Twain married, fathered four children, three that died. This individual, his wife and only living daughter visited and attained many powerfulk people with this time period. He needed to embark on lecturing excursions due to bills he had accrued. He was given honorary deg from Flowers League colleges, invited approach the president of the UNITED STATES and Our elected representatives. He caused other experts and extended to grow in popularity. This individual knew the ups and downs of life, the losses and gains. Through it all this individual retained his sense of humor, also being called “the tone of voice of a spirited and diverse nation”. Twain remains a well known author with today’s readers because his work is definitely on a man level. This individual speaks to ideas and feelings everyone is able to relate to at some point in their life. He writes about human problems such as loss of life, slavery, reconstructing a life. The have difficulties between riches and poverty, fame and being only, pleasure and wasting of years of lifestyle are all things people may relate to today and some struggle with.


The information I actually gained via researching Mark Twain just validates the original thoughts I had fashioned on “The Five Boons of Life”. Those living during the Realism period encountered trials because of changes in social, economic, technology and national politics. The focus via writers at this time was to represent people because they were, not glamorizing or belittling the issues at hand. “The Five Boons of Life” portrays the give and take of life. This shows gentleman as seeking and looking for things we all don’t have and when granted individuals desires finding yourself still sense empty. This kind of story also shows that gentleman will ignore warnings and advice so that we think is best for our condition and that typically we won’t stop to inquire what others think ideal us. The fairy provided many warnings to the person about deciding on wisely together expressions of disapproval when the man decided to go with incorrectly. The man was aimed at himself but not the guidance from the surprise giver. Selfishness, desires to succeed, be the best, have the best are still problems facing guy today. Persons choose wealth and power over simply living and making due with the working day of lifestyle they were given. While Draw Twain may well have drafted this short story hundreds of years ago, the core concepts still ring with fact for today’s society. Only when they decide to listen.

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