Take out became one of the danger issues all over the world, individuals are used to take in fast food nearly everyday as they see it quicker and more delightful than some other healthy food. People do not know simply how much they are doing harm to themselves by eating junk food, it leads to a whole lot of diseases and condition because physiques will be miserable from the healthy food choices but by consuming healthy food people will power their health. Fast food has unhealthy influence on people’s body but it also continues to be extremely popular.


Govt should prohibit fast food to shield people’s health. there are many main reasons why fast food should be banned. This kind of paper will discuss the key reason that leads to overuse fast food and the explanations why fast food needs to be banned.

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The reason that leads to overuse take out is the repeated advertisements on televisions (2013, ’04. should junk food advertisement become banned. Gathered 04, 2013) The more they are going to talk about take out on television, a lot more people and children will be forced to purchase junk food which will cause a lot of conditions like the boost of lipid disorders, obesity, hypertension, and cancer, those advertisements help father and mother to consume even more fast food which will apply at children because they spend a lot of your time watching the tv screen and learning new behaviours (2012.

06 fast food marketing to children. Retrieved summer, 2012) the potency of advertisements gives children the impression that they may have all they really want and that influence parent’s decisions too. (2010, 10 fast food advertisement. Retrieved eleven, 2010) A lot of advertisements of fast food will cause financial challenges almost in any way houses because when children, teenagers and adults get used to eat junk food this will cost them a lot of cash when they consume it everyday so people will waste materials their profits on ordering fast food as they observe it easier and quicker. The banning of fast food advertisements will help to ban junk food all over the world as it will have a positive effect towards financial and health problems.

The first reason why fast food should be banned is the fact leads to cultural problems when eating far from their homes almost every day because theyGetused to eat fast food sothey started to be not boned enough with the family and siblings, teenagers notice that it is very wise when they go to fast food restaurant with their good friends but regrettably they do not know how they damage themselves every single lunch (2011, 01 fastfood. Retrieved via 01. 2011) fast food reach distance children and teenagers from their parents and this causes a lot of social problems, that is why take out should be prohibited.

The second reason so why fast food ought to be banned is that leads to medical problems like unhealthy weight. billions of us dollars are invested in buying fast food, so father and mother became laid back to provide youngsters essential and important nutrients they require (2011, 02 how take out affects child obesity. Recovered from 02, 2011) children became more overweight because fast food consists of a high charge of sugar, salts and fats. (his children are not simply affected actually but emotionally and mentally as it also leads to internal problems like depression and could lead to additional dangerous activities.

Parents should realize the amount of damage they are causing their children by allowing them to eating a high rate of fast food to aid and safeguard their kids. Fast food became the most dangerous issue all over the world since it has a lot of problems like the social, overall health, financial and psychological challenges and the primary cause of dispersing fast food and encourage people to over make use of junk food is definitely the high percentage of advertisements that leads to death. For this reason fast food ought to be totally and completely prohibited.

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