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This would be considered primary sources of information. An edge to this approach would be the autonomy. This autonomy comes with duties and a good data collection method requires strict faith to medical principles that demonstrate careful and exact research further than reproach.

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A combination of both methods is preferable in this case. Applying both empirical evidence in conjunction with my personal study would help explain this disease from my personal perspective and adds another tone to the discussion. In collecting my own data it is important to make a system which could defend against mistake and personal tendency. Collecting info must be done within a systematic and predefined method to help keep up with the integrity with the research. For this task, I actually am exclusively responsible.

When this info is collected there are many items that can be done with all the data. Accounting and organizational skills turn into of the highest importance throughout this step of the research product. A clear and concise collection method has to be fully vetted before this data collection begins and serves as guidelines to the analysis itself.

To ensure the quality of the research, bringing in the empirical evidence from the existing materials provides an good means of double checking my personal work. While it is important to hold an open head, exaggerated effects and hyperbolic conclusions might be an signal that my research can be lacking in a lot of significant manner. Using my own classmates and school faculty can also support contribute to making sure quality from this project. Jumping ideas away my peers may not just prevent me personally from making a big problem, but might also prove to be impressive and generate an opportunity intended for investigation which i was previously not aware existed.


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