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They may truly feel animosity because of the acquisition and are also just going along until they can find a job somewhere else. Although acquisitions can be quite a good thing, firms must understand that there is a solid possibility that there might be a higher employee proceeds rate within the first year or so of the obtain. It is extremely important that any delicate issues that may well arise will be handled openly, honestly in addition to an efficient fashion.

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Merger Strengths

By merging with one more company, Kudler Fine Foods may gain proficient employees, and potential various locations/buildings additionally to an increase of capital necessary to quickly expand the organization and the chance to re-invent by itself into a start up business. More potential advantages of mergers and acquisitions include achieving economies of scale, incorporating complementary solutions, eliminating inefficiencies, and receiving duty advantages. Some other reasons for look at this type of growth include obtaining property privileges as stated over to products in addition to building and employees. By merging or acquiring one other company Kudler Fine Foods has the potential to increase market electrical power by purchasing rivals, shoring up weaknesses in crucial business areas, penetrating new geographic locations, or rendering manager with a brand new opportunity for profession growth and advancement.

Combination Weaknesses

Just like the acquisition, the merger may possibly have some stumbling blocks. It definitely has its own strengths, but companies have to know that not only are they running a business to provide a service or solutions that the client wants, but that it should also invest in their employees make value to them. A merger can mean the duplication of several different positions within the fresh company which can mean that some will be laid off due to duplication. A merger may also be a create for failing if the businesses merging haven’t ironed away how functions will be run in the short- and long term.


Kudler is in a chief position intended for expansion. It started with one retail outlet in 1998 and grew to three stores in less than five years. This demonstrates that the company has potential for incredible growth. Though Kudler is at a prime location for enlargement, it should analyze the options before it carefully. Each choice that the firm has: GOING PUBLIC, acquisition and a combination have advantages and disadvantages. The company needs to carefully consider which option is best for that and move forward with the notion that nothing is guaranteed. However , this will not quit them motionless forward with the expansion. There always exists risks with these types of business ventures, but many occasions the rewards far outweigh the risks.


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