climate alter and its effects in bangladesh


Bangladesh, Climate Change


We know that Bangladesh is highly at risk to the unfortunate occurances of nature. It’s true that since our nation have low land, a large amount of population problem, generally the low income etc . Inside the other hand the economic condition in our country is very standard in other risk country to natural tragedy in the world. The country region is 147, 570 sq . Almost many of these lands are in Floodplains exception from the north-western highlands. During the stormy season it can 80% property are surging generally. During this period this one effect our environment change with high temperature, climb sea level, Heavy Monsoon Downpours and so forth The economy develop of our nation are to an excellent extent. This year Bangladesh has around a hundred and fifty million using a life possibility in around 63 years, in the various other our adult literacy charge about forty seven. 5%. In the recent statement of the development ranks in Bangladesh is definitely 140 of 177 nations around the world. Bangladesh has huge amount of people in rural areas and a populace density of 954. some per sq . kilometer. You will find 3 out of 2 folks are depends on agricultural farming or perhaps industrial activity. The organic climate of Bangladesh distinguish wit great heat, stormy rain fall, especially noticeable three time of year like hot summer, in winter Medium to heavy down pours during the Rainy season. In today’s time each of our life is more complex for local climate during rainy season.

Local climate Impact

There are several types of Natural Tragedy in every 12 months from Around the world these are:

Flood/flash Floods: In our country practically 80% location is at risk of flooding

Cyclones and Surprise Surges

In the last few years the South and South-eastern Parts of the country were struck by at times during the environment impact in Bangladesh.

Salinity Attack

In whole country there is a Salinity problem smartly

Extreme Temperature and Drought

In our region there are a certain part are in highly Extreme Temp this happen to be North and

North-western part are battling for this situation

Cultivation and Fisherman

We all already know each of our country primarily depends on culture. People are indirectly connected with two things those are Agriculture activities and other types of industries. The country move towards in Industrialization slowly during the last ten years. Our climate is already lead by a long temperature then our agriculture happen to be faces many kind of trouble. Extreme Heat and Rainfall affected each of our grow crops and do not much income our maqui berry farmers. Its influence our economic system.

Alternatively, our country mainly termed as a ‘The Bengalis to supply the fish’. The fisheries sector is affected of the climate transform. 3. five per cent GDP people in our nation are depends upon fish product. Fish can give protein and other types of healthy actions. In that case Underwater fish is likewise useful for our overall health. There are also certain salt in Marine seafood.

Water Assets and Hydrology

There are a specific water resources inside our country, we all already know that Kaptai hydroelectric electric power station. It’s turns about the turbine and generate electric power. It’s is determined by water area. On the other hand Hydrology will have significant impact inside our country’s economic climate development. Persons surface drinking water for safety of sector, fishery and so forth For develop our economic climate and other activities.

Coastal Areas

Inside our country mainly total 1 fourth people are are in coastal areas. They are immediately interfaces a few Coastal Flood, Storm, Salinity, Cyclones etc . About 15% land received lost the country. You will find 30 mil people in separately moving into coastal areas and many educational sector like as College, College, Madrasa and other different economic sector like since Bank, Sector, Shop and Medical sector drown. Their particular other assets Livelihood, aware about health currently in 95 kilometers inside area through the climate is usually change. Generally other countries sea level less than 15 and 10% people stay in sea part but the country’s persons live in below 1 distance. It’s seriously fact that our countries persons not stay permanently as the sea level rise up more than 1 miles.

Bangladesh has one hundred and fifty six million people and the area of Bangladesh are very small which can be impact the economic system and the area is usually 144, 1000 sq . kilometers include almost 10, 099 sq . km of drinking water, the total land of our country is very handful of it’s regarding 133, 910 sq . kilometers. Bangladesh financial development are not very good it’s very slowly and gradually. Three main rivers within our country Padma, Meghna, Jamuna. This 3 rivers will be overloaded annually because the major reason in our country’s climate. You will find about one hundred and fifty rivers mix in our region and when the rainy time has come the rivers happen to be over inundated and people have reached risk this time around. Meteorological Office said if rainfall 2 or 3 days till then this major 3 rivers are overflowed after at risk to get a week.

Flooding is a common in Bangladeshs history. Main flood documented in four major years and its impact our nation very harmfully. In 1987, 1988, 98 and just lately in 3 years ago. Our authorities calculates about 298 people died and 10, 211, 780 everyone was affected badly. In 2004, around 31 million individuals were affected in flood and even more over 40% people in Dhaka had been in under normal water for this reason.

Several Causes of Flooding in Bangladesh


Bangladesh provides a wide diversity and lengthiest Mangrove jungles in the south part simply in our nation. The ‘Sundarban’ is the lengthiest Mangrove forest in the world traditions. Its known for many different types of items. The most just like eyes Noble Bengal Tiger. There the climate change Sundarban jungles impact this and faces this problem.


Towns and villages in the urban area in front line of weather change and directly harm sea level rise and storm Surges at any time. Immediate impacts in the other part river, draining system increased in overflow. The important downtown Towns, Professional Trade, Trade and Energy etc . the important urban groups it hampered during the key floods. It can true that about forty five percent urban population lives in slum and perhaps they are highly risk during the surging.

Vulnerable organizations

Inside our country ladies are also a vulnerable since the main issue is Sexuality inequalities in socio-economic and political organizations. In 1991 Cyclone in Bangladesh, the death of people were five times compared to the men since men could communicate one particular people to other people but the women did not much information timely.

Upcoming Projection of Climate Modify Impact in Bangladesh

1 . Crop creation and food security

Rainfall pattern change then a climate changed. In 2021 the seeds are drop significantly. Crops will increase lower than thirty percent and creation of rice and wheat will reduce 8. 8% and 32% normally.

installment payments on your Salinity

There are especially three areas are salinity at Bagerhat, Khulna and Satkhira the southern district of Bangladesh. It’s about 13% area of Bangladesh which can be increase 16% in 2050 and 18% in 2100.

3. Coral formations Bleaching

If the marine level temperatures in our region increases 1-3 degree C then the corals bleaching will certainly fall out generally

some. Mangrove Forest

In our country the Mangrove forest Sundarban can dip if the sea level will up 45 centimeter. If the marine level you meter the entire Sundarban will destroy one day.

5. Climate refugee and migration

In every year people drop their home and in addition they homeless with this situation. In this problem they may have no way to have with unclean condition

6. Health

  • More flood are turn into a disease named cholera, diarrhea etc .
  • More sun food development are remit.
  • Even more salinity in water people will have an effect on human overall health

7. Sea Level Rise

In the event that sea level rise

  • Low land area maybe completely away of water
  • It will added salinity
  • Present agriculture technique will be alter

Thus we safeguard our environment and in addition protect the nice community and the secure home the future generation. Climate transform is no individual for any country or nation. It can our common issue to elaborately face the problem. And so we should guard our weather.

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