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The law enforcement inside the U. T. A. today is better outfitted to handle the terrorism attacks and any terrorism risks than it had been before the 9/11 incidence in the united states. This is apparent in your general methods through which the security measures are implemented in the area and the elaborate manner of investigations that take place to counter-top terrorism.

As a result of nature in the data and information that is certainly needed in this article, the scientific method used was statistical data collection. This was because there is require objective information on the facts around the various arms of police. The best way to have facts in back of the changes that took place following the 9/11 with regards to the quality of schooling and the quantity of law enforcement organizations, it was not feasible to carry out interviews among the list of Americans as they would just give a standard view and feeling about your law enforcement and in addition they may not actually have hard facts to back up the pronouncements, yet this can be a delicate area that needs backing of information from dependable sources.

Study was also a scientific technique that has not been feasible since due to the particulars involved in the security matters as well as the sensitivity of some quarters say to train, it would be extremely hard to move everywhere closer to the information one needs compared to the public exhibition of the schooling. Observation could also be since limited as survey since the secretive character of the schooling that the counterterrorism units proceed through may not allow a investigator to observe virtually any tangible quantity of information and come up with the aim conclusion from the state of preparedness of the law enforcement devices. This still left only record data collection as the most viable option to carry out this exploration.

Most of the data that was collected was expressed in numerical apart from those that required to explain information in the law enforcement officials preparedness then in that case the explanatory data was considered for the study content.

Info collection process

In the course of the data collection, there was a tight focus on the type of data that was attained as it would have to be as correct and reliable as possible. This prompted selecting very dependable websites just like the reliable and well established company websites, local and authorities (and their departments) websites, educational institutions websites and the websites sponsored by the various law enforcement agencies in the U. T. A.

For the verifiability of the info, there was a double checking of information, especially those obtained from language schools websites with another web page information and conclusive tally, the data was taken as dependable hence usable in this particular type of exploration.

Data gathered

Some of the out standing data that was collected on the level of readiness of he law enforcement will be as beneath;

The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) is known to have experienced post 9/11 a

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