Corporate social responsibility Essay


Corporate and business social responsibility has become a topic of concern for a lot of businesses. Companies are striving in order to meet sales and profit desired goals, yet simultaneously have a positive impact on contemporary society. The reason for this is certainly that customers, investors, employees, government agencies, and communities are influenced by business, but they all are able to influence and impact businesses as well. A company’s status is at stake when it comes to becoming socially accountable, and many corporations have developed an idea that ensures they are getting socially accountable while still meeting their very own sales/profit goals.

This paper will evaluate Company Q’s current plans and frame of mind and help to make recommendations to further improve them toward social responsibility and in turn increase their bottom line. In Company Q’s case a lot of business decisions need to be re-analyzed in order to assure they are meeting their desired goals, as well as being socially dependable. Company Queen is a small locally owned or operated Company that has decided to close down shops in higher-crime-rate areas of the town due to the stores reportedly taking a loss.

Another issue is that it was a little while until many years of insisting by the clients to receive health-conscience and organic merchandise in due to worries by company about high cost margins. They have as well turned down opportunities to donate day-old products for the local foodstuff banks because they are worried about lost revenues and fraud. The present attituds and decisions seem to be based on the bottom line and success of the organization rather than the needs of the community and their buyers. If these kinds of decisions are certainly not evaluated and changed the corporation could finally lose their business into a more reactive competitor.

The first change Company Queen should produce is to re-evaluate the closing of shops in high-crime-rate areas. It really is reported these stores possess closed due to lack of earnings. An option to get Company Q could be to transfer to a central location between stores that have closed down. This would allow Company Queen to reduce total costs and present the community a local grocery store that could keep the profit the community, rather than opening the doorway to a regional or national competitor.

One other idea should be to invest in shuttle service vans to work and pick up and consider people to their very own stores. This could be implemented by a much lower cost than having multiple spots and provide an excellent resource for the community. Business Q can also look into site driven advertising and product sales, which would help drive sales and profits. If Company Q is concerned about thievery as a major reason for taking a loss they may implement even more security techniques and policies at these kinds of locations to lower shrink.

Another change Firm Q ought to make is usually to listen to consumers and carry the products they want, even if some are not as profitable. The business has finally started carrying health mind and organic products at the repeated requests via consumers. Holding products absolutely free themes want will entice them to come in and not just purchase individuals products, although other more profitable goods as well, as a result driving up total profits. This will also keep the buyers from likely to other supermarkets because they will know they can get what exactly they want from Company Q. Organization Q will consider into organic and natural and health-conscience foods which might be locally grown and produced.

Buying these products will drive down delivery costs and also keep the profit the community. The past change is always to donate the afternoon old items to the local food lender rather than toss the food aside at the end of the day. This may be a great way to get the products to those who wouldn’t normally shop on the store, but at some point just might. If they already know the product came from Company Q they would be more likely to order it from their website in the future when able to.

As theft and fraud seem to be a concern, a course could be designed so that the administrator or lead employee can check out the time old merchandise and record the product that was given out, and the same could be done on the food bank part to check inside the product. This could curtail any theft or perhaps fraud because of the checking out and in system. They could also use their Foodstuff Bank help in advertising to boost their image with buyers and the community, perhaps using a huge total annual campaign that allows customers to donate food products they order at the retailers as well throughout the store plan. The community by which we live and do business revolves around the other person and the decisions we make.

A company that is certainly both socially responsible and also hitting their sales/profit goals is much more apt to surviving long-term in this ever more competitive organization climate and changing world. The steps We outlined will allow local community people an opportunity to store and operate their area and to have access to the types of meals they want and need. It would let the buyers know the retail outlet chain cares about them plus the community, and has their best interests in mind.

Most importantly to get the chain, it increases the chance the stores are more successful.

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